Why My Facebook Page Post is Not Getting Views Organically?

Why My Facebook Page Post is Not Getting Views Organically?

Why My Facebook Page Post is Not Getting Views Organically?

By Posted Mar 16, 2020 in facebook/ Facebook Marketing/ Facebook News/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News

With so much competition in the World Wide Web, SEO has proved to be very difficult to attract traffic. And we all know that traffic is all that matters when it comes to being successful in the online world.

So, with SEO being difficult to manage properly, brands turned to social media, especially Facebook. Millions of brands have managed to successfully market themselves on the social media giant. But now, with over 60 million brands currently on Facebook, the competition is HUGE, to say the least. The brands have to deal with the same issue they were facing previously regarding SEO.

Unless you add paid advertisement to your marketing plan, getting views on your Facebook page posts is going to be really hard. Facebook’s organic reach is almost non-existent. True. But, it still exists.

Your task is to find out how you can gain it and what reasons might be hindering your path to success. We’ve made it easy for you and created a list for you of the top reasons your Facebook page post is not getting views organically.

Have a look.

1- Posting Too Much or Too Little:

Did you know that the rate at which a Facebook page posts has a considerable effect on its organic reach? If you just post without thinking whenever you want, you might end up losing organic Facebook page post views.

Or if you post too little, it will also affect you negatively.

So, what to do?

To make things easier to understand, media pages and brand pages are different in the eyes of Facebook algorithm. For media pages, you can post more as compared to the brand pages. What this means is this:

If you have a page that promotes a brand, posting too much can decrease your reach. You should focus on the quality of the content more and just post about 5 to 10 times a week.

On the other hand, if you run a media page, posting too little will decrease your reach. So, you should focus on the quality as well as the quantity of the posts to keep your audiences entertained. On average, you should post around 30-50 posts per week.

2- You Disregard Engagement:

When we talk about social media engagement, we immediately think about likes, comments and shares. Sure, those are what count as engagement. But, that’s if you reach people and they actually get to see your content. So, if your organic reach is low, why am I talking about engagement?

Engage with your followers through your posts. If you are a business page, don’t just post about your products and services. Instead, make it exciting by offering discounts, vouchers and package deals, etc. Adding a CTA (call to action) would be the cherry on top. Make your customers and followers want to engage with your post. The more they engage, the better your Facebook organic reach will be.

3- You think you’re alone:

You built yourself from the ground up and now you think you have to do it all alone. You have no friends who could promote your brand page. Wrong.

There are countless other people just like you on Facebook. Get out of your lonely bubble and connect with them. Connect with the leads and influencers in your niche to double your audiences.

Building a good symbiotic relationship with an influencer is hard but it can really benefit you in the long run. If you do decide to venture into this influencer marketing world, my advice would be to start with micro-influencers. You have a better chance with them than you would have with mega-influencers.

4- Not utilizing the optimum times to post:

Now that we’ve worked out that you should post less or more depending on your Facebook page type, it’s time to think about when to post. Not all the hours during the day are same; and not all the days of the week are same in terms of Facebook user engagement.

You can either waste your hard work by posting quality content at the wrong time or you can utilize the optimum times to post. SproutSocial did some research and here is a detailed chart of the user activity on Facebook.

5- Not Being Consistent

You’ve figured out how many times to post and when. But, do you know that if you are not consistent in your posting schedule, your Facebook organic reach will decrease?

Being persistent and reliable to your followers directly affects your organic reach. And this consistency is not only related to your posting schedule but also with the type of content you post. If you are a news page, it would be very awkward if you suddenly started posting cute puppy videos. The point is, stick to the type of content your audience wants from you and your organic reach will increase.


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