Why Welcoming Facebook Reactions Will Be Good For Brands

By Posted Mar 10, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

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After a really long period of waiting for the dislike button on Facebook, users got their wish in the form of Facebook Reactions. While it is not a dislike button, it is definitely well received by most of the Facebook users. The really good thing about it is that those few people who do not like Facebook Reactions can still use the same ol’ ‘like’. People like to be given this kind of choice.

But this change may not have set well with brands that are highly professional. They would rather be corporate than show their emotions. So, if you are one of those corporate brands and think that Reactions will not sit well with your brand following, think again.

As of the end of 2015, 59% of the top brands now use emojis in their posts on social media platforms. They have embraced them because people love to use them. According to a study by Emogi, percentage of people using emojis in their social interactions in different age groups is as follows:

  • 72% of the people under the age of 25
  • 76% of the people from age 25 to 29
  • 68% of the people from age 30 to 35
  • 62% of the people over the age of 35

These statistics cannot be ignored. Chances are that the followers of your corporate brand use emojis too. So, if you think that your brand is too professional to use emoticons, you just have to be more flexible.

Facebook Reactions is just a fun way to get users to share their feelings. You can get amazing feedbacks through Reactions because it conveys people’s feelings about your post more effectively than a simple like. You can get a somewhat accurate feedback on people’s likes and dislikes and that should be a good enough reason for any brand to welcome Facebook Reactions with open arms.

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