Twitter Rolls Out ‘Threads’ For Posting Tweetstorms All At Once

By Posted Dec 13, 2017 in Social Media News/ Twitter


After testing the feature for a few weeks, Twitter has finally launched ‘Threads’ today for posting tweetstorms all at once. If you don’t know what a tweetstorm is, it’s basically a series of connected tweets that users usually post to get around Twitter’s character limit, so that they can say what’s on their minds freely.

While that may sound good in theory, as a Twitter user on the receiving end of those tweets, it becomes pretty annoying very quickly. Why? Well, when you follow a lot of profiles on Twitter, chances are that you are constantly getting updates from them. So, when a person starts posting tweets one after another after another, it sometimes clashes with tweets from the other profiles that you are following. As a result, you get a set of tweets that have some irrelevant tweets between them and it ends up giving you a headache concentrating to connect those tweets and make some sense.

Twitter finally realized what a nuisance that was and decided to give people the tools to connect those tweets together so that they make sense. Threads are basically tweets that you right out beforehand and then post them all together at the same time as a group of tweets.

twitter threads

While the feature is definitely useful, it would have been more so when the character limit was 140. Now that Twitter has doubled that limit, Threads don’t seem as much needed as they would have been before. But still, there are users who would like this freedom of saying what they want with more freedom of space. In fact, according to Twitter, there are hundreds of thousands of Threads posted every day. It would seem that the extended 240 character limit did not really dampen the usefulness of tweetstorms all that much.

The feature is really simple to use. When you are writing out a tweet, there is a ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner that lets you add more tweets if you want. Then when you are done adding those additional tweets, just post them by tapping the ‘Tweet All’ button and you are good to go.

Another really useful feature is the editing feature. You can edit individual tweets in the Thread whenever you want. Also, you have the option of adding more tweets after the Thread has already been posted. Just click ‘Add Another Tweet’ on the Thread and then you can type out your tweet and post it for your Twitter followers. This means that the Thread can basically go on forever.

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