Tips for Local Businesses: Diversification of SEO

Tips for Local Businesses: Diversification of SEO

Tips for Local Businesses: Diversification of SEO

By Posted Feb 25, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ SEO/ Social Media News

Competition has been raised too much higher levels nowadays as compared to past in online marketing. And small businesses require all the help sources they can get to improve their user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in current marketing. In many cases, they have less or even no ad budget and SEO campaign to survive and compete with bigger businesses. So, what should be the strategy?

Let’s learn about local search optimization. It is the most effective strategy that will provide survival chances to small businesses.

If we take a serious look at the latest SEO tips by different brand leaders and business giants, and boil them into a single message, the message will be: diversify.

What Is Diversification of SEO?

Diversification is a common term in financial planning and money management. In the world of SEO, it is almost the same, particularly in 2013. After Google’s latest updates in 2012, Penguin and Panda, the search giant is giving a large boost to social signals.

Ultimately, Search Engine Optimization has adopted several changes to have better results in the future and hence, a more diversified approach.

Every web marketer wants its website on page 1, at the top of Google’s search results. But it is a considering fact that things change. No doubt Google is the dominating search engine but it may result positively to think outside the box and build different traffic sources other than Giant G, as it is not the only one. You must show your presence on Google+ Local as well as Bing Local and Yahoo Local.

Social media neighborhood is also an effective way to promote small businesses. Simply think about the link neighborhoods best for your business and then make your presence possible in those neighborhoods and interact with your customers on any social media site’s neighborhood such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

It may pleasant for new businesses to hear about the recent version of Facebook’s Graph Search. Some recommended strategies by Facebook are:

  • In the case of multiple establishments, create separate pages for the separate locations to have a better approach to different areas, since local graph search is considered.
  • Give users incentives such as offering coupons, to ‘Like’ your page.

Review neighborhood including Open Table, Angie’s List, Yelp and many others, another network to promote your local SEO. Remember to be consistent, exact same profile i.e.; same name, phone number, and address, while building your presence in these neighborhoods.

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