Significance of Facebook’s Like Button and its Value for Brands and Pages

By Posted Jun 16, 2021 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News


At present, we are breathing in the world of internet and have realized the significance and role of social media platforms, particularly Facebook pages in successful promotion of our brands and businesses. However, it is also essential to be aware of the latest and effective marketing tools and tactics for the best results of your efforts in online marketing.

Majority of online marketers, including a great number of well-known companies and brands, are using Facebook’s like button as an effective marketing tool for their page’s promotion. They buy real Facebook likes to get social proof for their fan pages. To buy Facebook likes is now very easy as well as light weight to your pocket. You can get even thousands of real Facebook likes at a very low price. However, the question arises:

What is Facebook’s like button and why it is important for pages and brands?

What is Facebook “Like” button?

Facebook added its like button in February 2009 with the feature to allow users to show their appreciation and support for specific posts, comments, pictures or fan pages without leaving a written comment. Facebook has also given the option to websites that they can add “like” buttons to their sites directly. We know that how good is to make a Facebook fan page to market online our products or services. Its benefits are multiplied when you put up Facebook’s like button on your blog posts, articles and other pages relevant to the topic on your site.

Advantages of Facebook’s Like button

Logic beyond the promotion of a product or business via likes is that you give more attention to something extremely liked by people as compared to the other one. Moreover, when many users like a post, it is also seen by their friends, and then the magic begins to happen. Ultimately, it brings several likes per picture or post and be a cause of significant increase in a website’s traffic. In short, it is an effective source to advertise your brand, engage people and direct their attention towards your product or service, and consequently, to increase your sales.

Brands and businesses are competing for Facebook likes all over the world. Likes are important for the survival of any brand or business, as the race is on, and easiest and biggest of the tons of creative ways is to buy Facebook likes. However, remember, the quality of content shared with the world as matters as the number of likes for that post you manage to build.

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