How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Post

How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Post

How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Post

By Posted Sep 21, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

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If you are using Facebook for your social media marketing, chances are that you have spent good money on Facebook ad campaigns to promote your Facebook business page. You might also have a large number of fans due to those ads. Maybe, your posts also get a lot of likes and comments.

But despite all of this progress, you might have very less number of shares for your posts. This worries most business owners because if their followers do not spread their word, they might not get new followers and potential customers for free. They will have to spend more money on Facebook ads which is not an affordable choice for some business owners.

So, what to do in this situation?

When creating a post that you want to go viral, you need to keep your followers’ needs and wants in mind. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it solve their problem?
  • Will it answers their queries?
  • Will it inspire them?
  • Will it induce strong emotion?
  • Will it challenge them?
  • Will it make them feel important?
  • Will it resonate with their lives?

These may seem like a lot of questions but even if one of these statements is true about your post, your post will get more shares. Aside from that, there are still some tips that might help you.

Create Mobile Friendly Content:

In today’s age of smartphones and internet bundles, people use Facebook more on mobile than they do on their desktop computers. So, it is only reasonable that the content you share should be mobile friendly. Make sure that the links you share are pointing to a website that is responsive and easily readable on mobile devices. Because if your followers find it hard to read or annoying, they will not share it with their friends.

Challenge Your Fans:

FB Challenge

It is observed that the posts that challenge your followers abilities get the most interaction and number of shares. Figure out what kind of challenges can be created in your niche. For example, a practicing physician may post some color blindness test; a mathematician may post some simple equation that challenges people. Whatever challenge that is interesting in your niche is fine.

Spread Some Message That Connects With People:

Let’s say, it’s mother’s day. You can create some kind of emotional message that resonates with people and they will share it. Even if it is just an ordinary day, you can still create a message that on some level connects with your followers. For example, when you are analyzing the meaning of life (because let’s be real, we all have those moments!), if some good food for thought comes to mind, share it with your followers. If it connects with your followers, it will get shared.

Hold Some Giveaway:

If you want your followers to share your post not because it is interesting but that you want new followers, you should hold some kind of giveaway. If your fans share your post, they get entry in the list of people to choose the winner from. That may work if you are just hoping to spread your name to your followers’ community.


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