Reasons Why Boosting a Post on Facebook Is Not Such a Good Idea

Reasons Why Boosting a Post on Facebook Is Not Such a Good Idea

Reasons Why Boosting a Post on Facebook Is Not Such a Good Idea

By Posted Feb 29, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

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If you run a page on Facebook, there will be an option for boosting it beside every post that you make. Boost post feature is essentially a shortcut to making an ad post but not really as effective as the actual thing. Basically, it lacks many options that you would get with a promoted post instead of just boosting it.

Below are a list of ways, a boosted post is not really as effective as a promoted post.

One Boosted Post at a Time:

The fact that you can only boost one post at a time is probably the biggest nuisance. Because of this, you can’t run comparisons on different audiences like you can with different post ads.

For example, if you are running the same post ad with two different audiences to check which one of them gets the better response, you have better chance at figuring out the future strategies of your social media marketing. But with boosted posts, you can’t do that because of the limit.

Targeting Issue:

Targeting is a really big issue when it comes to boosted posts. There are not just many options available.

If you have run Facebook ad campaign in the past using Facebook ads or the Power Editor, you must be familiar with the kind of options that are available for targeting your audience. You can target people based on their gender, age, location, areas of interest and many other options. At the end of the selection, you feel like you chose right people to target this ad.

But on the other hand, boosted post doesn’t offer that much freedom. You have basically two options: fans and friends of fans and the second one is targeting by interest.

Okay, let me break them down for you. The first one is fans and friends of fans. Let’s just think about something. How many of your Facebook friends have the same interests as you? Even in your family members, areas of interest vary drastically. I, for one, can attest to the fact that only 2 of my Facebook friends share the interest of book reading with me. So, imagine the horror for the book blogging advertisements if they were to target my friends who just do not care about reading. Get the picture? So, the first option is more or less a failure about to happen.

The second option is interest targeting. You must be thinking that this will be a better option because it overcomes the ‘not interested’ issue of the first option. This is how you would be wrong: While the interest targeting may get your message to the right people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they live in the area or country that you want them to be. So, it may be pretty much useless for the success of your business. Yes, it may generate likes or fans but it won’t do you any good if you want to increase your sales.

The Predicted Results:

Oh, we have all been there one time or another. When the salesman has this huge sales pitch about how you will get a tremendous effect just after a ‘certain’ period of time in just ‘short’ budget. You happily sign up for it and then you wait, and wait, and wait for those ‘predicted’ results and you get only a small fraction of that prediction.

Well, boosted posts on Facebook are the same as that example. Yes, you may get your desired results but you will have to spend 10x the amount than you were originally hoping for. Seriously, if you are going to spend that much money, why not used Facebook ads properly? That will save you a lot of headache and money.

Power Editor and Boost Post is Mutually Exclusive:

power editor

You cannot use Power Editor while you are boosting a post. The people who usually boost posts on Facebook are one of two types:

A) They don’t really know all that the proper Facebook ad system has to offer and they really do not care to know about it.

B) They just want convenience because boost post is like a shortcut way of creating ads to them.

Well, type A cannot be really helped but as for type B, there is a good alternative out there which is quite famous for its convenience and multiple options that you cannot get anywhere else. That tool is called Power Editor, which is basically a chrome extension for managing ads.

Boosting a Post is More Expensive:

There you have it. It should probably be the number one reason for not using it. The reason is that, although very good results are promised for a short budget but usually you do not get to have them without spending extra money. And some more extra money. And some more.

The point is if you are spending that much money anyway, why not use proper Facebook ads, with all the extra benefits and options, which will definitely get you more results in your social media marketing than boosting a post. Really, it is just simple logic.


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