Pre-Roll Ads Are Coming to Facebook Watch Tab

By Posted Dec 15, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


You know those ads that we all hate so much on YouTube where you have to watch an ad before you can watch the actual video? Well, apparently those ads are coming to Facebook as well. But the saving grace is that for now, they only seem to be limited to videos in Facebook Watch Tab.

While on one hand, Facebook is eliminating ad breaks in videos that are less than three minutes long, on the other hand, Facebook users will start seeing pre-roll ads on videos inside the Watch Tab. This new change was announced on Thursday along with other changes in the video department as well.

‘Starting in January we will focus the expansion of Ad Breaks on shows, and Ad Break eligibility will shift to videos and episodes that are at least three minutes long, with the earliest potential Ad Break at the one minute mark.’

This was decided after a lot of research. According to Facebook, consumer satisfaction percentage is really difficult to lift but after they initially tested this ad-break delay, the overall consumer satisfaction increased by 18%.

As for the pre-roll ads, they will also be in effect starting next year. They will solely be limited to Watch Tab as they would not be welcome in the news feed. The starting length of the pre-roll ads will be 6 seconds and then Facebook will adjust the length or format to better accommodate user experience.

Another change that was mentioned in the blogpost was the video distribution in the news feed.

‘We are updating News Feed ranking to improve distribution of videos from publishers and creators that people actively want to watch. With this update, we will show more videos in News Feed that people seek out or return to watch from the same publisher or creator week after week.’

If you are a show creator on Facebook, it will become easier for you to reach your existing audiences on Facebook as well. If you have your Show page linked to your existing page, when you upload a new episode, it will be distributed to all of your followers. This is especially good news for you if you are launching a new show.

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