Can Posting Too Much on Facebook Harm Your Reach?

By Posted Mar 14, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing


It is often believed that when you post more on Facebook, it will get you more reach, more engagement and more followers. And yes, to a certain degree, that holds true.

For example, if you have 1000 followers and you post once a week, with around 6% organic reach, your post will be viewed by more or less 60 people. But if you post twice, after a slight overlap, your posts will be seen by around 90 to 100 people. That really supports the above belief.

But if you start posting more and more, you will reach a certain point when it will become too much and it will do your harm instead of good and you will probably encounter one or more of the following situations:


It happens when your followers’ news feed is flooded with your posts. I know that I have flagged a few pages’ posts as spam because their frequency of posts annoyed me even though I could just scroll down. So, it does happen.

The problem is, if your post gets flagged as spam by one or two followers, it will probably mean nothing for your page. But if more and more people start flagging your posts, the organic reach of your Facebook page will go downhill and that is likely due to the fact that you posted too much.

Low Engagement:

If you post too much, your posts will not stay in the news feed of your followers long enough for it to get the engagement that you need because the newer post will be taking up its place. And if too many of your posts get low engagement, it will mean bad for your future posts.

Why? Well, if your posts get low engagement, logically it will mean that your posts are not good enough and Facebook algorithm will deem them unworthy. And due to that, your future posts will be shown to even less people than before.

Quality Will Be Compromised:

Facebook Mistakes

You’re only human, right? The fact is when you try to post too much, the quality of your posts will not be as good. This will hurt the reputation of your Facebook page. In my opinion, making high quality content twice or thrice a week is better than posting average or low quality content 10 times a week.

Less is more:

Just brainstorm for some ideas and when you figure them out, choose the best one of them. Yes, that is the one that you should make a post about. Pay extra attention to every one of its details and do not leave anything average. Give it your 100 percent and then when you are satisfied with the result, only then post it on your Facebook page. Now it’s up to you how long it takes you. Whether you can post once, twice or thrice a week following this whole process, it’s your choice.

When you post those gems, promote them all over the internet. That will give you a better result than if you were to post 10 times a week.


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