People Are Getting Frustrated with Instagram’s Algorithm

By Posted Mar 29, 2016 in Instagram Marketing/ Instagram News/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News

Instagram Mistakes

When Instagram first announced that the posts will now be in a non-chronological order following a certain algorithm, it did not receive as much criticism as Twitter did when it rolled out algorithm based news feed. But as the time progresses on, people are getting annoyed with the consequences.

What consequences are we talking about here? Well, due to this change, brands on Instagram have been seriously peeved. Their posts do not make it to their followers’ news feed as often as they would like and as a result, their profile has been suffering big time. Now they are posting photos that pretty much ask their followers to turn on notifications for that brand’s posts. If they will do this, they will receive a notification every time that brand makes a post.



As of the past few days, almost 20 percent of Instagram users’ news feeds have been consisting of these kind of posts that ask them to turn on notifications. This is pissing people off very much. And their issue is genuine. If they turn on notifications for every brand they follow on Instagram, they will probably get hundreds of notifications per hour. I know that I do not want that as an Instagram user.

But we cannot say that the brands do not have a genuine issue. Their actions are justified in a way. They do not want to spend money on Instagram ads when their posts were previously showed to every one of their followers for free just a few days ago. In other words they do not want another Facebook.

But how it will go from here, no one knows. According to Instagram, this change is just rolled out to a small region for now just to test the dos and don’ts. When they figure out a way that will be satisfactory, the change will be introduced to all the Instagram users.


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