How to Merge two Facebook Business pages

How to Merge two Facebook Business pages

How to Merge two Facebook Business pages

By Posted Jul 25, 2016 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Sometimes businesses have purposely created more than one Facebook page or sometimes customers accidentally create a duplicate page by misspelling at the time of checking in. However, whatever the case is, if your business has more than one page on Facebook and number of likes and comments on both pages are considerable then you can merge both pages to keep all your followers at one place so you can have better control over your social media activities.

The process of merging Facebook pages is quite easy to understand. If you are planning to do this, there are some requirements by Facebook that must be fulfilled before. I’m going to list these requirements for your convenience.

  • You must be an admin of both/all of the pages that you want to merge.
  • All the pages must have been created by the similar names.
  • All pages must have same kind of stuff or content. In other words, business must be same.
  • Pages must have same address if possible.

If your pages meet these criteria then you can merge different pages by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

If Facebook pages have different names and addresses then first of all edit the name or address and make it similar to the other one. Of course this can only be done if you have admin rights of both pages.

Step 2:

In the next step, select the page that you want to keep. In this selection you must consider the page which has most likes and check in’s. Your followers from the other page will be merged into the previously selected page. The page with less likes and check in’s will be removed permanently once the merger occurs and all your customers and followers will come to the main page that was selected by you.

It is important to ensure that you have copied the data (images, posts and other stuff) that you want to show on the main page as well. Because once the page is removed, all data will be lost.

Step 3:

Open the page that has more likes and you want to keep. Go to the settings of the page. Click the edit page option and select edit settings. You will see navigation menu with a heading of resources. Under this heading an option of merge pages will be shown. This option is only visible if you pages are eligible to be merged. Otherwise there will not be any option of merger pages.

Step 4:

After clicking the merge pages options, you will see a pop up window with a list of all the pages you admin. Check the box of each page that you want to merge. By the time you check the pages and click on the merge option, all your followers with their reviews and check in’s will be brought and added to your main page. The merged pages and their contents will be deleted right off.

Step 5:

The merging process has been completed. You can now add content on your main page from the removed page that you wanted to share with you followers. The merging approval may take some time and you will be notified by email once your request has been approved by Facebook.


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