How to Market Your Personal Profile on Facebook

How to Market Your Personal Profile on Facebook

How to Market Your Personal Profile on Facebook

By Posted Jun 08, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


While Facebook strictly encourages people to create a page for business and branding purposes, truth is, not everyone who wants to increase their brand awareness needs a business page. Sometimes, people want to promote their personal profiles. But, there is a clause in Facebook terms and conditions stating that you can’t use your personal profile strictly for your own gain and you should use a business page instead for this purpose.

Pretty straight forward, isn’t it? But business pages don’t have access to some features that personal profile has, like mutual friends. That doesn’t seem like much but it bridges the gap of one-sided communication. Also, pages can’t message their followers if they have not received a message by them and that may prove to be quite a hindrance. But pages have their advantages as well and they are great. They have analytics, shopping options, verification (but getting verified is really tricky and you can’t count on it) and much more.

The best plan of action would be to have a combination of your personal profile and business page to reap all the benefits that you can out of Facebook marketing. That stands true especially since Facebook has the right to ban your account if it senses that you are using your profile strictly for business.

So, below are tips that may work for you if you are just using your profile for personal branding but most of them are for people who are using a combination of personal profile and Facebook business page.

Use Your Profile on Your Business Page:

Facebook requires you to have a profile in order to create a business page. But if you do create a page, you should also use your profile as well for marketing.

You can find tons of articles over the internet about how to grow a Facebook page and get more followers etc. etc. Follow those tips and tricks to grow your page and get followers. Then as your page grows, you can add in a little personal touch with your personal profile.

For example, you can respond to comments as your profile instead of your page. Also, link your page with your personal profile. One thing that you should absolutely avoid doing is to message your page followers by using your personal profile. It may seem a good way to get around the no-messaging-your-followers-using-your-page thing but in fact, it’s not. Your messages will get filtered in spam and message requests folder and you might end up offending your followers.

Allow People to Follow Your Profile:

This works in both cases whether you are just using your profile or with a page. By allowing people to follow your profile, you give them a chance of getting updated for all of your public posts. You will appear in your followers new feed without even adding them as a friend.

But do make sure that the posts you want to share with your followers are set to public privacy option. Otherwise they will never get to see them.

Don’t get carried away, though. Unless you are a huge celebrity that people adore and want to know everything about, your followers don’t want to get updated for posts about your lunch, dinner, cousin’s daughter and other such things. The posts you share with your followers should be about your business and the troubles your followers are having in that regard.

Make Lists for Sharing Posts:

Setting the privacy for each and every post can be a lot time consuming and exhausting. What you can do is make lists of your friends and other contacts. For example, the posts about your personal life should be restricted to only family and friends. You can even get a step further and create close friends list. Your business posts should be set to public. If you are marketing your business through your profile, there is a chance that there are some influencers in your friends. Add them to a separate list so that you can exclude them or include them in some posts.

It may seem like a lot of work but it would take you an hour even if you have a lot of contacts. Also, it will save you huge amount of time in the long run that you could spend doing something else.

Celebrate Business Milestones:

Your profile has a cool feature called milestones and moments. When you achieve something big in your business, like you launch a new product or you reach a set number of sales, you can create a milestone and share it publically with your followers. Celebrate it with the people who made this milestone possible. Your followers will feel included. If you want to put icing on the cake, you can hold a giveaway on your page as well using a contest in celebration of your reaching that milestone.

These tips are great for combining your page and profile to get the most out of Facebook marketing. If you follow them correctly, they will get you great results.


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