Instagram Now Allows Post Sharing Via Instagram Stories

Instagram Now Allows Post Sharing Via Instagram Stories

Instagram Now Allows Post Sharing Via Instagram Stories

By Posted May 21, 2018 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News


Yes, it’s still not a ‘Re-gram’ or the usual sharing option, but Instagram has definitely given its users an opportunity to share the post that they want. They can re-share someone else’s post with their audiences through Instagram Stories.

The shared post will be turned into a sticker which will lose the option to like and comment on that post, but it will show the creator’s name. The person who is sharing the post will be able to comment on the post using text and stickers.

Yes, you has options to share Instagram posts with your friends before including repurposing an Instagram post that you like and crediting the creator, tagging friends in the comment section of the post, or even sending that post via Direct Messaging to your friends.

This new sharing option is great because you don’t have to save it on your mobile device and then upload it as your own in order to share it with your entire audience. You can just share it via your Instagram Story and that will be that. But there is a catch. You can only share posts from public Instagram accounts who have not disabled this sharing option. Considering the feature just went online, there will probably not be a lot of accounts who have disabled the feature for now.

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How you can use this feature is that you tap on the paper airplane icon that you used to tap in order to send the post via direct messaging. However, now you will see another option which will enable you to create a Story. Tapping this option will create a sticker version of the post and then you can edit it for more customization. You can rotate, scale or move the sticker around for better placement as well as add your own documentary on the post via text or other decorations that Instagram offers.

The sticker will display the name of the creator which will take people to the original post if people tap on it. This will be great for getting traffic on good Instagram posts and smart brands will utilize this feature in their social media marketing strategies.


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