Instagram Only Notifies Users of Screenshots of Their Disappearing Photos and Videos

By Posted Nov 29, 2016 in Insatgram/ Social Media News


We all know the most common reason for using Instagram. It’s so that people can stalk other people without them knowing it. To say that the rumor that Instagram is sending notifications of people taking screenshots of publicly shared stuff caused a stir, would be a huge understatement.

It legitimately freaked people out. But this rumor turned out to be false. This happened due to Instagram’s unclear notification as to what was being screenshot. The notification just specifies that ‘XYZ took a screenshot.’ It was bound to raise suspicion for most of the Instagram users who took screenshots of publicly shared stuff on a daily basis. Will taking screenshots now notify the person they are stalking?

Well, Instagram has now cleared up that rumor. It will only notify users of the screenshots taken of their disappearing photos and videos that they share with only a select few of their social circle. This is to ensure Instagram users that their privacy is not being compromised and if it does, Instagram will send a notification as to who did it.

Again, this feature is a copy of Snap screenshot notification feature. But it was an absolute necessity too for Instagram’s disappearing photos and videos to be successful.

So, now that the rumor is cleared up, you can go back to stalking people on Instagram and take as many screenshots as you want of the publicly shared stuff.

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