Instagram Kills Its Following Tab – Gets a Mixed Reaction from Users

By Posted Oct 07, 2019 in Social Media News/ Instagram Info

Today, Instagram is killing a feature that has been the boon and the bane for the users, depending on the situation. You wanted to stalk your crush and see what they liked, shared or commented? This was the feature for you. Did you want to keep tabs on your boyfriend or girlfriend to see if they still checked out their ex on Instagram? The following tab got the job done. In fact, Instagram’s following tab probably became the cause of a lot of breakups just because of this.

It was also because of this tab that your colleagues found out about your nighttime activities on Instagram. The problem was that while a lot of people knew about this tab and used it in the creepiest way possible to invade someone else’s privacy. Or they didn’t even know it existed and kept getting in trouble because of it.

Now, for whatever reason, Instagram has decided that the Explore tab is the place people go to the most and the following tab is not really fulfilling its purpose. So, they decided to kill the feature starting today. The feature will completely disappear from your app in a couple of weeks if it’s not been removed already.

The Following tab was considered the creepy tab. Why the mixed reaction then? Well, as you can guess, the people who used this tab to invade others’ privacy, they are not happy. And the people whose privacy got invaded, they are glad that the feature got removed.

While the feature getting removed definitely gave people their privacy, it also gave dodgy spouses, priests, and friends free pass to engage with people however they wanted without getting caught. The parents will no longer be able to keep a healthy eye on their kids’ accounts and their social interactions to judge their company and mental state, which is probably not a good thing given the amount of cyberbullying that happens in this digital age.

But Instagram probably didn’t think too much about it. And that is odd because Instagram seemed really interested in making people’s mental health a priority. What it seems like is that Instagram gave advertisers what they wanted because now users can like whichever brand they like without having to worry about being embarrassed.

The change will start to roll out today and become fully globalized in over a week.

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