Instagram Creates an @creators account to Encourage Better Content

By Posted Sep 30, 2019 in Social Media News/ Instagram Info

Instagram has just launched a new @creators account that claims to help Instagram creators with their, well, content creation. There will be tips and tricks, updates, IGTV tips, BTS (not the band, but behind-the-scenes) and tutorials on the channel which will help Instagram users who are hoping to become more active.

Currently, the pinned FAQ story shows you just what kind of account this will be. Those FAQs genuinely are important and Instagram addressed them in detail. The FAQs cover the account verification, comment filters, and algorithm explanation right now. But, maybe more will come in time.

Then there is the grid of posts on the profile. One of them points out that 60% of people watch the stories with sound on.


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Y’all better turn it up. 🔈 #IGCreatorInsights

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All in all, the @creators account gives a vibe that it will focus more on the video creation aspect and will give helpful tips and tricks regarding the capturing techniques as well as the equipment used, and the quality of content etc.

Also, there will generally be more focus on IGTV content creation as observed by the tips and tricks they’ve shared so far with the help of creators like the dancer Susie Meoww and the comedian Adam Waheed.

All in all, people should definitely spend more time creating content for IGTV for possible future gain because according to Justin Antony, head of content and creator partnerships at Instagram, IGTV will be the first place that the company starts monetization.

Brooke Ozaydinli says that Instagram’s @creators account will also address topics such as bullying, mental health, and burnout. She says:

“We’ve really been trying to focus on creative best practices, so focusing on the inspirational content creation aspect of being a creator. That’s not to say that we’re going to shy away entirely from branded opportunities, but the real focus is: how do you up level as a creator?”

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