Instagram Adds Notification Tab to its Web Interface

By Posted Mar 24, 2016 in Instagram News/ Social Media News

Instagram Logo

No social networking platform in the present age and time can survive solely on web or mobile interface. If they want to succeed, they need to provide both options to people and both the options should have all the latest updates as well.

Instagram seems to get the memo as well. At first it was just a mobile-only service but since the launch of its web version in 2012, it has been adding little changes like scroll-able news feed, likes, comments and search feature. It is trying to make its web interface more noticeable. The latest change is the addition of the notification tab in the web version of the company. So, now users can stay up to date with the people they are following, even if they are using Instagram on their laptops or desktops.

But still there is no direct messaging available on the web interface. There also isn’t an option of uploading photos or videos through desktops or laptops, users still have to use the mobile app for that. But with this little change, Instagram gave people hope that there still might be a chance in future when they will be able to upload photos and videos through their personal computer. Why are people hoping that? Because there are people out there who are really professional in the photography department and they want to upload content that is of higher quality than what their smartphone’s or tablet’s camera can capture.

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