Instagram Is Adding ‘Recommended’ Posts to Your Feed

By Posted Dec 28, 2017 in Instagram News/ Social Media News


Instagram is adding a new feature that will broaden your horizon when it comes to relevant Instagram profiles that you will want to follow.

The feature was first tested earlier this month and a select number of people saw recommended posts in their feeds. They were three to five in number and not by profiles that they already had followed. Instead, the posts were by profiles that their friends liked and the algorithm determines that they might like those as well.

Apparently, the feature was successful because Instagram is now rolling it out for all Android and iOS users.
The feature is not exactly new though. Instagram had a similar recommendation feature already added to it before this. The difference was that you had to actually tap the ‘Explore’ tab to see recommended or trending posts. Now, recommended posts will be displayed directly in your Instagram feed.

Instagram is making sure that you don’t assume that the recommended posts are by accounts you already follow. The way it’s doing that is that instead of randomly placing these posts in your news feed, they are displayed in groups of three to five posts under the ‘Recommended for You’ section.

Thanks to this new update, you will not only see posts from accounts you follow and ads but also posts from a wider network which involves accounts your friends follow as well. It’s not that different from Facebook, actually. And that’s not a surprise because Instagram has been resembling Facebook in some aspects ever since the introduction of the algorithmic feed instead of a chronological one.

You will also see posts from the hashtags you follow which was another recent update by Instagram. But while you can choose whether you want to follow hashtags or not, you can’t really opt out of recommended posts feature. You can temporarily hide the recommended posts by tapping the ‘…’ menu on the top right and then selecting ‘hide’.

Also, it’s not supposed to get in the way of your actual feed though. According to the statement of an Instagram spokesperson to TechCrunch, the recommended posts will come after all the posts from the accounts and hashtags you follow.

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