FB Comments Guide: How to turn off comments on a Facebook post?

FB Comments Guide: How to turn off comments on a Facebook post?

FB Comments Guide: How to turn off comments on a Facebook post?

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Facebook is a social media platform created in 2010 by Mark Zuckerberg along with two friends from Harvard University. It was just a platform where people can communicate, share their posts, pictures or interact with one another. Facebook is hailed by multiple CEOs and tech guru’s like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk for being one of the most successful social media applications that has a range of methods.

Facebook allows people to express their opinions online, and remain in touch with their friends and family members. It has a large number of tips and tricks through which users can comment their personal opinions. e.g. using GIFS, emojis and reacts in order to demonstrate how they feel about a certain topic. Sometimes, comments turns into fights and you wish to turn off comments on a Facebook post but you do not find the option to do so. And, it leaves you with no option but deleting the entire facebook post.

How to disable comments on Facebook posts?

How to turn off comments on a Facebook post

Although Facebook has received a large fan base for the unlimited access it provides to everyone who has a mobile phone or laptop. So, there is also a drawback to users having no privacy and having to deal with countless unasked opinions on their wall. Many users have expressed their disbelief with the commenting option.  There are no guidelines on how Facebook users can share their posts to a few people and prevent outsiders from invading into their privacy by seeing or commenting on the posts.

Facebook has not yet created this feature that rightfully allows users to disable comments on their posts from settings. This has been a persistent issue that has been campaigned by Facebook users for the past four years. However, this is quite a necessary feature to provide in the social media app as it allows people to post their opinions without having to deal with spam comments from anonymous accounts or abusive comments from trolls.

Instagram has installed this feature yet Facebook has yet to reply.

4 reasons why Facebook should add the “turn off comment on Facebook post” feature

  1. This will help protect a user’s privacy and what posts they wish to hide from certain people.
  2. Online brands using Facebook to promote their company or product can utilize this feature. As it prevents users sharing virus links on posts, or other companies spreading awareness about their products in comments.
  3. This can help protect users from comment bombing or arguments that turns into a fight on post . So with this feature, they may hide posts or disable comments from specific people in Facebook post settings.
  4. The use of inappropriate language or posting graphic pictures and videos on personal accounts can have a heavy impact on a person. Especially on online shopping companies who are using Facebook to market their products. Turn off commenting can help them identify trolls and block them from furthering alienating their audience and damaging their company.

How to turn off comments from Facebook groups?

However Facebook never allows its users to disable comments on posts but you can turn off comments in Facebook group. To turn off comments in a Facebook group, you must be the admin of the respective group. If you want to disable the comments in FB groups. Here is step-by-step guide on how to turn off commenting on a post in Facebook group.

6 Simple Steps to turn off comments from Facebook groups

  1. Click on the news feed feature available on the left side of the account.
  2. You will see the option Groups. select Groups and it will show you a list of groups you are a member of. Note: You can only turn off comments in group if you are a member or admin of the respective group.
  3. Find the post you wish to turn off the comments for.
  4. Click on the top right side of the post.
  5. Select “turn off commenting” from a list of options.
  6. That’s it. Good Job!

People will not be able to comment on the post, but will still be able to react using emoji’s on it. Another annoying thing that People never stop doing is “Tagging a Friend in a post”. Follow the step-by-step guide below If you want to learn how to untag yourself from a Facebook Comment.

How to untag yourself from a Facebook Comment?

Tagging your friends in humorous content on social media can be a fun way to spend time! But it also allows them to be displayed to the people who follow you on Facebook. What if you have been tagged in something which has inappropriate language or may display graphic pictures or videos? There might be some fear, What if someone on your profile noticing this and creating a misunderstanding.

Don’t worry! Facebook has offered options for its users now to untag yourself from a Facebook Comment, they do not want other people to see or to be a part of. Here are the following steps through which you can achieve that.

10 Simple Steps to untag yourself from a Facebook Comment

  1. Open the web browser. Use your mobile or your desktop computer.
  2. Open the Facebook, login using your account, enter “username/email address and password” and press the Login button.
  3. Find the Post that you have been tagged in.
  4. Navigate the comment that you wish to untag yourself from. Note: People you have followed will see it.
  5. Once you find the comment, click on the top right corner of the post, it will display a number of options.
  6. Among these several options, click on the “Find support or Report Comment”. This option allows you to report comments you did not consent to be a part off.
  7. Once you click on it, a screen will display with a number of options on what action would you like to take regarding the tagged comment.
  8. Among them, click on the option “Remove tag”.
  9. This will remove your username from the comment. Facebook will leave your name in the comment, you can remove by requesting the person who tagged you to do so.
  10. That’s it. You have untagged yourself from a Facebook Comment! It was simple. Isn’t it?

How to hide comments on Facebook Post?

Facebook tends to receive a high criticism for the lack of control, it offers to its users regarding privacy and content protection. A lot of people have to deal with unnecessary comments on their posts or lack of privacy options regarding who they wish to share their content with. However, rather than logging out or deleting Facebook from your phone completely, you can hide comments on Facebook posts.

What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook?

Facebook now offers the option to hide comments on a post who are sending those negative comments on their personal posts or from the Facebook pages or the groups they follow. The steps taken to perform this action would be to right click on the comment they wish to hide, and among the options listed down on the panel, they must select “hide comment”.

By doing so, the person’s comment will be hidden quietly, and Facebook will not inform them that you took this action against them. There are also other options users may take against negative comments or spam they wish to remove such as deleting or reporting them.

Follow a few simple steps to ensure your comments section on Facebook posts remains cleans and hides negative comments completely.

6 Simple Steps to hide comments on Facebook Post

  1. Using your mobile phone or browser, open up your webpage
  2. Open the Facebook website and log on to your account using your username or email address and your password.
  3. Once you have opened up your account, navigate to the Facebook post whose comments you wish to hide.
  4. Once you have located the comments, move your cursor to the right and where you will spot three dots.
  5. Click on it and it will display a set of options which will include the option of “delete”, “report” or “hide comment”.
  6. This option also extends to whether you do not wish to view the comments other people might have left on the posts of people you follow or the groups you are a part of. The steps to do this would be once more navigating the option on the right side of the comment and clicking on it. It will display the “hide option” which you can click on, or on the content posted by Facebook pages or groups you follow.

When you hide a comment on Facebook can other people see it?

When you click on the option of hiding a comment you wish to remove from your personal Facebook post or from a page or group you are a part of, it removes the comment for you only and not for everyone else. However, in order to ensure that the comment is removed for everyone else as well, Facebook offers those options as well. Users have the choice to right click on the comment and file a report against the user, and explain their reasons why they feel it needs to be removed. This report will be sent to Facebook administrators, which after observing the comment and the reaction it generated, will make the decision to remove or keep it, and send you your report back within three days.

How to edit comment on Facebook post?

Facebook posts can be read by all of the people you have followed on your account, so a simple misunderstanding or misinterpretation of words can create an argument between two or more people. Which is why, instead of deleting your comment or choosing to refrain from commenting your point of view online, Facebook now users its users a new option that allows them to edit their comments on posts whether on their friends accounts or on the groups or pages they follow. In order to edit comment on Facebook post, please follow the steps written below carefully:

8 Steps to Edit Comment on Facebook Post

  1. Open up the preferred web browser of your choice using your mobile phone or desktop laptop.
  2. On desktop, Type Facebook.com. Log in to your FB account using your username or email address and also your password. Mobile users can use Facebook App to edit the comment on Facebook Post.
  3. Once you have opened up your account, navigate the comment you wish to edit.
  4. When you have found your comment. On the top right corner of the post, there are three dots displaying which will be a list of options on how you wish to control your post.
  5. By clicking on it, there will be a number of options displayed including “report comment”, “delete comment” etc.
  6. Among them will be the option “edit comment”
  7. By clicking on it, you can re-write the post. Double check your comment to avoid the same mistake.
  8. Click on the option “Submit” which will display it as a comment once more.

Note: There is also a choice of displaying how many edits you have done to your comment. Click on the button on the top-right corner of your post, and clicking on the option “view edit history”.

How to delete a comment on Facebook Post?

There are many times when we might accidently comment something unintended on a post and wish to take it back. This action has consequences because of you might post something that could be viewed by friends and family members you follow on Facebook. As they might see something you wish to delete on a post. To prevent this embarrassing incident from occurring, Facebook offers users the option to delete comments from posts. You can delete a comment on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Both methods are very simple and both are explained below to delete a comment on Facebook Post.

5 Easy Steps to delete a comment on Facebook Post on Desktop/Laptop browser:

  1. Open the web browser of your choice and type in the website for Facebook and press enter
  2. Click on the top right corner of the page. Enter your username or email address and your password.
  3. After logging into your Facebook account, navigate the comment that you wish to delete.
  4. Once you have located it, on the top right corner of the post will be three small buttons displayed. By clicking on them, the website will display you a list of options about what you wish to do to your comment.
  5. Select the option “delete comment”, and which will delete your comment from post. Once this action is implemented, other people will not be able to see your comment.

3 Super Easy Steps to delete a comment on Facebook Post on Mobile users:

  1. Log on to your Facebook account by clicking on the app from your mobile phone. If you have logged out, you will have to enter in your username and password in order to gain access.
  2. Once you have gained access. Navigate for the comment you wish to delete on post.
  3. Click on the top right corner which will feature the option “delete comment” and click on it.


Various tech magazines, such as Time magazine or The New York Times declared Facebook for quickly becoming one of the most popular social media apps. There are many downsides to the Facebook for failing to update their features regarding how users can protect their data privacy from outsiders.

Disabling the comment on Facebook Post is the most awaited option in last 4 years that People are still waiting for. Various internet activists have argued that failure to implement such options can make apps a dangerous website. As it can severely impact mental health. Also, can be complicit in spreading fake news and propaganda which can create serious consequences for democratic regimes.


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