How often Facebook bans account and why?

How often Facebook bans account and why?

How often Facebook bans account and why?

By Posted Feb 27, 2020 in facebook/ Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Facebook has been updating its security measures to improve the overall atmosphere and the authenticity of the social media platform for especially the past couple of years. In this regard, the social media giant has been banning accounts left and right. So, if you were planning to “Buy Views” to get ahead on Facebook, think again.

Not just buying views but there are a number of things that can get you banned on Facebook. In fact, many accounts that get banned don’t even know what went wrong so that they can correct it.

Most of the time it’s because people are trying unique ways to get into users’ news feeds because Facebook organic reach is very low. It’s almost non-existent. Any brand that is anything is on Facebook. The competition is so high that unless you sign up for paid ads, you don’t stand a chance.

Anyways, to understand more why people get banned on Facebook, here is a list of the most possible reasons:

1- Using Celebrity/False Names:

Unless your actual name is Robert Downy Jr. Facebook will not look kindly upon you if you use this name as your own. This is a very popular reason that gets people banned. Users usually do this because they want to get noticed and get organic reach on Facebook but little do they know, it can actually prove to be counterproductive.

Even if you don’t use celebrity names, any name that is not your own can get you banned from Facebook. That’s because the recent security measures on the platform doesn’t allow any kind of fraud no matter how minor.

2- Copyrighted Content:

People do this for the same reason as mentioned above: to increase their Facebook organic reach. Copyrighted content is nothing to play with. Not only will it get you banned from the platform, it can actually cause you huge amounts of trouble in your real life. The viral memes are usually not copyrighted, so you’re safe posting them. But, if you upload a Taylor Swift video on your Facebook account and it’s not a link to the YouTube video or other official content, you can expect it to be taken down or your account to be banned if you continue doing this.

3- Content in Violation of Facebook Policies:

Facebook takes strong action against content that involves:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity.
  • Regulated goods.

No matter in what form these types of content are posted.

With the rise of social media, the attention seeking behavior in people is on the rise as well. People go to huge lengths to get noticed. Well, if you post any kind of content that is graphic or violence-based, chances are you will get banned on Facebook very quickly.

4- Unwelcome Promotion:

Every see messages in you inbox from businesses that you haven’t contacted or even heard about? If yes, you must realize how annoying those are. Well, guess what? Other Facebook users find those unwelcome promotional messages annoying too. So, if you are in the habit of sending those uninvited messages, stop it because it can get you banned on Facebook.

If you want to promote yourself, you can use high quality content to increase reach on ads. Facebook even encourages that. So, why not do something that is legal as well as effective instead of some shortcut that can give you a dead end?

5- Adding Too Many Friends/Joining Too Many Groups:

This is another thing that many people do to increase post reach on Facebook. They send as many friend requests as they can and join as many groups as they can so that they have more people that they can get their posts to. This shortcut way of getting around the issue of decreased organic reach on Facebook is a surefire way to get you banned. In fact, you can even get banned if you post too much too often.

These are just the top reasons why people get banned on Facebook. The main rule of thumb here is to always stick to the ways Facebook allows you to promote your brand. Otherwise, your account may end up getting banned and it will not be good for your professional reputation.

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