Good News For Brands Using Facebook Advertisement Campaigns!

Good News For Brands Using Facebook Advertisement Campaigns!

Good News For Brands Using Facebook Advertisement Campaigns!

By Posted Jul 09, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Facebook News/ Social Media News

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According to Social Media Today, Facebook rolled out a new change for advertisers which, the company believes, should make the brands happy.

What was that change?

Before this change, brands using Facebook Ad campaigns for social media marketing would be charged for the clicks back to their e-commerce site. That seems fair but what was not fair is that they would also be charged whenever they got a like, share or comment. Since likes, comments and shares do not ensure larger sales, the brands were paying more than they should have been cost.

Now, Facebook has announced that likes, comments or shares will not cost the brands anything. The brands will only have to pay for the clicks back to their website or blog.

According to an article by Tim Peterson:

Now advertisers who buy Facebook ads based on how many people click on them will only be charged for these types of clicks: clicks to visit a site, including clicks on “Shop Now” and other buttons that link to another site; clicks to install an app; clicks that link to in-Facebook apps like, well, only Zynga’s “FarmVille” comes to mind; and clicks to watch a video on another website, cough, YouTube, cough.

Facebook Ad Layout

This is really shrewd move from Facebook because it will encourage people to use Facebook for as their video host instead of other platforms (Mainly Youtube) if they want to avoid the added cost.

All in all, yes, Facebook rolled out this change for the convenience of the brands but if the brands want to use the old ad scheme, they can still choose that.


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