Facebook Video Ranking Now Expands Beyond Likes, Comments and Shares!

Facebook Video Ranking Now Expands Beyond Likes, Comments and Shares!

Facebook Video Ranking Now Expands Beyond Likes, Comments and Shares!

By Posted Jul 06, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Facebook News/ Social Media News

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Facebook video ranking doesn’t rely only on whether people liked that video or comment on it or share it with their audience. Now Facebook is taking into account whether people switched to full screen or they activated the audio and other things that show that people might be interested in that video.

Isn’t it great? This way, those people who are too stubborn or lazy to like or share a video can still be judged on whether they like the video or not. It is just like Facebook‘s regular post whose popularity can still be calculated by taking into account how much time people spent on that post.

Facebook engineering manager Meihong Wan and software engineer Yue Zhuo explained more about this video change in a blog post:

Many people have told us that they enjoy watching videos in News Feed but don’t always feel inclined to like, comment or share them. For example, you may have found a video from a nonprofit you follow on Facebook to be really informative and you’re glad you saw it but it’s not something you felt inclined to like, comment on or share more broadly.

We are now taking into account more interactions with videos that we have learned indicate whether someone found that video interesting, such as choosing to turn on sound, making the video full screen, and enabling high definition. So if you turn the volume up or make the video full screen, we have updated News Feed to infer you liked the video and will show you similar videos higher up in your News Feed. We have found that this helps us show people more videos that they are interested in.

But nice as it is, Facebook has already made a similar adjustment in the news feed a year ago. So, this change will hardly bring in more videos in people’s news feed than they already get. Facebook itself said that it doesn’t expect to see significant changes as a result of this update.



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