Facebook Rolls Out A “Let’s Talk” Stories Filter in Honor of World Mental Health Day

By Posted Jun 16, 2021 in Social Media News/ facebook/ Instagram Info

Have you experienced that you are the most honest when you are on a messaging app talking to your friends or family? You are talking to them candidly in a way that you wouldn’t if you were speaking to them face-to-face? Well, I have. In fact, I’ve also experienced that people talking to me are more honest on messaging apps as well.

Facebook realizes this as well. According to a survey that Facebook conducted, “80% of people surveyed said they felt they could be completely honest when messaging.” So taking all of that into account, Facebook has collaborated with WHO (World Health Organization) to develop some features for Facebook Messenger and Instagram in honor of World Mental Health Day.

The first one is an Instagram Stories filter called ‘Let’s talk’. This filter acts as motivation for people struggling with mental health to show their friends and family that they need support. Also, if people feel like someone close to them is having mental health issues, they can try to initiate a heart-to-heart conversation using this filter as well.

The next is a ‘let’s talk’ sticker pack for Facebook Messengers. It has 16 stickers and all of them are designed to help ‘when words are hard to find’. A spectacular thing about this pack is that every time you send one of its stickers, Facebook will donate $1 to a group of mental health organizations. Facebook hopes to get donations up to $1 million.

“This year for World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization is encouraging people to take 40 seconds of action to let people who are struggling know they’re not alone. Sharing your “Let’s Talk” selfie is an easy way to do that.”

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