Facebook Rolls Out ‘Friends Videos’ On Its 12th Anniversary

By Posted Feb 04, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News

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Ah, the purest relationship on earth: Friendship. Any relationship is not complete if it doesn’t have some level of friendship in it. Whether it parental love, siblings love or romance, if there is not a little friendship added in the mix, the relationship is not complete. Facebook realizes that and is now calling February 4th ‘Friends Day’ from this day onwards because the main root of Facebook was to bring friends and family together on a social platform, to bring them closer.

Facebook is celebrating its 12th anniversary by making it special for its 1.6 billion users showing them that it cares about them. How is it doing that? Well, Facebook sent its users friendship collages in the form of videos that contain different photos posted by friends and family.

The users are being given choice as to what photo they want to add and which one do they want to avoid. It really is refreshing to watch as it takes us down the memory lane. As always, Facebook gives its users the choice whether they want to share the presentation on their timeline or discard it.

Although the photos are chosen by automated technology, by giving the users option to edit and change the photos in the video as they like, Facebook really did make it a special day for its users and their friends on Facebook.
Mine hasn’t turned up yet but I’m desperately waiting for it. Have yours turned up at the top of your news feed yet?

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