Facebook Acquires Live Filter App MSQRD to Enhance Videos

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If you have ever used Snapchat, you must know that one of the key features due to which Snapchat is really popular is its lenses. In fact, Snapchat lenses became so popular that the platform built a lenses store that let users buy their favorite lenses before they expired. But the store was shut down in two months because it made Snapchat user experience based more on its advertisements than the actual fun.

snapchat lenses

And these lenses do make Snapchatting more fun with all these filters that can change your face to look like something else in your videos and photos.

So, like always, Facebook has been keeping a very close eye on Snapchat’s popularity. Very close indeed because now the company has acquired a very popular iOS live filter app called Masquerade commonly known as MSQRD. The sum for which the app was bought is yet unknown.

Like the name implies MSQRD lets you put masks on your face that track your face wherever you move it to make it look more realistic. These masks are really good and I mean that in the highest sense possible. You can look up its reviews on Youtube and you can see for yourself that this app is probably the best in real-time filters so far.

While Snapchat’s video time limitation is really short, MSQRD offers longer videos so that you can effectively convey your message. And with the live videos becoming a really popular trend, Facebook acquiring MSQRD will prove to be interesting and fun. The applications of this app in Facebook Live will be of a really wide variety. According to Masquerade:

“Real-time video communication is quickly growing in popularity. Our company strives to make live video interaction even more attractive for both business customers and consumers by offering advanced software solutions capable of altering and/or enhancing person’s appearance in live video. Our advanced software solutions can be incorporated into videoconferencing platforms, customer service centers utilizing live video for customer interaction, as well as any other systems and services, which rely on live video feed.”

Here is the post in which Mark Zuckerberg announced that the people behind MSQRD will now be joining Facebook team:

Taking a break from coding to welcome the MSQRD team to Facebook!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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