Facebook achieves 8 billion daily video views

Facebook achieves 8 billion daily video views

Facebook achieves 8 billion daily video views

By Posted Nov 05, 2015 in Facebook News/ Social Media News

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announces that Facebook now has 8 billion daily video views on average. That’s twice the number it was in April and 8 times the amount of daily video views it was in September 2014. That is a mind-blowing increment! But it is not unimaginable considering the platform now has 1.55 billion monthly users, as announced by Mark Zuckerberg in the quarterly earnings call with the investors.

This huge increase in daily video views may be due to the fact that Facebook counts 3 seconds as a video view while Google’s Youtube, on the other hand, counts 30 seconds as a video view. Also, there is an autoplay feature in Facebook news feed as well which automatically plays videos while users scroll through their feed.

There is also the suggested videos feature as well. Personally, when I watch a video on Facebook, I’m bound to click on at least one of the suggested videos because they are that relevant. So, this feature may be a reason for this exponential rise in daily video views.

Facebook is also testing picture-in-picture video as well so that the users can continue to watch the video even when they are browsing their news feed. Also, they can save the video as well if they want to watch it later.

There are a lot of things that Facebook did this year in the video department and is still rolling out new updates that help make Facebook videos more and more popular among people. Hence, the increased daily video views but however Facebook made it possible, this progress rate cannot be refuted.


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