How to Deal With Trolls on Your Facebook Page

How to Deal With Trolls on Your Facebook Page

How to Deal With Trolls on Your Facebook Page

By Posted Apr 04, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Not all of the people are happy with any brand and every once in a while, there are bound to be negative comments or reviews on your Facebook business page. These negative review could be as stand-alone post or they could be in response of a post that you made. Either way, there are three options for you in how to respond to such comments or reviews:

  1. Remove them.
  2. Ignore them.
  3. Respond to them.

The first option could work for you but if you do this, you are just making sure people do not see the negativity surrounding your business and you are not doing anything to satisfy these angry people.

The second option is really not a good idea. You will just end up more negativity induced from the comments or reviews that you ignored.

The third option is the mature one. But things could go awfully wrong if you handle the situation wrong. So here are a few steps that should help you if you want to know how to respond to negative comments:

1-Make Sure You Notice Them:

You can’t respond to a comment if you have not seen it in the first place. It could be sitting there gaining attention by your followers without even you noticing. It shows bad page administration on your part. So, make sure that you keep an eye on every comment that rolls in.

2-Divide them into Categories:

Once you have an eye on every comment on your business page, notice what kind of comments they are. Are they positive? Neutral? Or negative? Should you respond to them? Or ignoring them would make no difference?

3-Act Accordingly:

Now that you have categorized every comment, take action. The ones you decided to ignore, ignore them. The ones that just contained profanity and the user just being rude for the sake of being rude, removing them would be a good idea.

If the user just continues to troll your comment section, block the user for good measure. The one thing you will not be able to remove though, is your dedicated reviews section. One or two bad reviews don’t hurt your reputation. But if your reviews section is teaming with bad reviews, it might be a good idea that you remove the entire review section.

You could also report spammy reviews to Facebook. It might take a while but they will eventually get to it and remove it.

4-Respond to them:

Those comments that are not worth deleting but they should not be ignored either, should be responded with caution. If they are positive, this is the perfect time to be grateful. Thank them for their positive feedback and make them happy as well.

For negative comments, one way to approach is to send them a private message with a personal voice. For example, like this: “Hi, my name is ___. Our team is looking into the issue that you mentioned in your comment. If you have any more details or questions, feel free to email us at <personal email address>”.

What this kind of approach will do is that it will make that person feel respected and it will also give them a way to personally contact you. It will also build trust and maybe that person will feel a little better about you. Really, the possibilities are endless.

But you can’t just sit there and feel good that you have done what you should have done. You need to also figure out what their problem is and how you can satisfy them. Once you have done that, you should contact that person again to let them know that their issue has been resolved. It will build trust and loyalty in your users.

If you are too busy to keep it all private, it doesn’t hurt to address the issue publicly. But in this case, whatever the case make sure you do not argue. Accept defeat where you are wrong and make the problem go away. But if you are right, make them see your point in a very polite manner.

The steps mentioned above are a few key points that will help you a lot in responding to comments on your Facebook business page no matter what kind of comments they are.


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