How To Create A Comprehensive Instagram Video

By Posted Mar 30, 2015 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News

Most of the business owners all over the world now know that Instagram is their best buddy if they want to promote their business across the world. Instagram has proved itself to be the best in getting interaction from customers. If you have not joined Instagram already then I suggest that you look at the reasons why you would benefit if you use Instagram in your business strategy.

Once you have joined Instagram, you have to be really consistent in your efforts in order to make your business stand out on Instagram. For that you have to be very careful about which photos and videos you post on your Instagram profile. While, photos are a great way to interact with your customers, videos go a long way in driving your point to your customers’ hearts.

The important part is how you create your video and what you add into it for it to be really effective in your marketing strategy. Instagram offers video uploading feature but with a few limitations. The major one is that you can’t post a video that’s more than 15 seconds.

Keeping these in mind, it is very difficult to make a video that completely conveys what you want to say in such a short time limit. Here are some tips that will make it easy for you:

1-Pick Your Message:

The first step in creating a good video is making sure that you know exactly what you want to express through it. Think carefully about the message you want to convey and then, before you know it, ideas will start gathering in your mind. You will get a basic form of the video in your mind and then you can go further from that point.

2-The Audio In Your Video:

When you are shooting a video, you will have to keep in mind what kind of environment you are in at the moment. While a sutle background may enhance the overall impact of the video, too much noice will turn most viewers off. Instagram does not give an option to add external audio file in your video and you will have to make do with what you have already got.

You can also use the power that is your voice. A person narrating what’s happening in the video can be a really huge help in making people understand what you want to say. That said, not all of the videos call for a voice narrative.

Also, if you want to avoid adding background noisein your video, you might want to cover up your mouthpiece of your cell phone or other mobile device or you can plug in your hands free set to dull the audio.


Instagram offers thirteen filters in video editing that you can use to enhance your video quality. But, keep in mind that there is a fine line between a finely and beautifully edited video and too much over the top edited video. The latter usually turns people off as it seems to scream desperation. You have to figure out how much editing will be enough for it to be effective to your viewers.

4-Cover or Thumbnail Of Your Video:

The static cover of your video is really important as it will grab your viewers even if they are not playing the video. You can pick whatever thumbnail you want from your video but make sure that it encourages people to watch your video. The thumnail is basically the first impression of your video and you know what they say about first impressions. So, make it work to your advantage.

5-The Lighting In Your Video:

The place at which you are shooting your video should be lit enough so that it can be easily understood what is going on. Another tip is that you should not move suddenly from one brightly lit area to a very dim area because your camera will most likely will not adjust to the darkness quickly and it will result in a bad video.

6-Time Frames:

This does not affect your video if you are shooting your video in one shot. But if your are combining multiple shots, you have to plan ahead and figure out the time frames of those shots in order for youur video to be finished in 15 seconds. Remember, while Instagram lets you delete your previous clips, it does not let you change the order of the clips that you have shot. So, be careful of the order in which you shoot your videos.

7-Keep a Steady Hand:

If you are shooting from a smart phone, you are most likely shooting while holding it in your hand. So, as you move around the video will get jerky in quality. Instagram has solved this proble for iOS users with Hyperlapse feature which will smooth out most of the jerkiness and the video will seem like it was shot from a steady camera.

But for those of you who don’t have this feature, try to make your hand as steady as possible or better yet, fix your mobile device on a tripod stand and shoot it from there. But if you have to move around, try to walk smoothly so that it does not affect your video much.

8-Share Your Content:

Once you have created a good video that will attract people to your brand, do not forget to share it. If your using Instagram, chances are you are already familiar with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter too. So, share your video on these social media platforms to get more audience.

A study shows that the first 15 seconds of a Youtube video are usually when people decide whether they want to watch the whole video or not. It seems that Instagram takes this very seriously considering its 15 seconds limit. So, when creating a video, keep in mind the above mentioned tips and try as best as you can to capture the essence of your message in those precious 15 seconds.

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