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Buy More Real Instagram Followers with PayPal in Cheap Price

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Why it is a best place to buy
Real Instagram Followers in Cheap Price

When you buy instagram followers for profile, a quick check is required to check the source of the IG followers; otherwise, your account will be at risk. People usually go for the cheapest options to buy more Instagram followers and compromise on the quality of the followers as they only want to increase Instagram profile followers count. Eventually, they notice a drastic drop in your number of followers.

Because most of the Instagram followers are coming from fake or bot generated Instagram profiles. There goes your precious money down the drain. At LiftLikes, we promise that if you buy instagram followers from us, you will get real Instagram followers in cheap price without compromising the quality of the followers. We deliver best Instagram followers with 30 days money back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

What is the Difference between Other Instagram Followers Websites and

Like I said, we put our customers first. We value they time and money and make sure that their investment doesn’t go to waste. We’re not like other companies that take your money and deliver fake Instagram followers and scam you. We will be with you even after the delivery, should any issue arise. offers 100% money-back guarantee so that you can sleep with peace of mind that your money will not go to waste.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Real Instagram followers at the cheapest price from right now! Delivers Real Instagram Followers or Fake Instagram Followers? is one of the few sites that provide real Instagram followers that are permanent. We value our customers and know how important it is that they business doesn’t get affected negatively. If you buy real Instagram followers from us, you can rest assure that you will be delivered a high-quality service. You will be coming back for more.

Not to mention that we provide 24/7 customer service all year round. So, if there is any issue, you can count on us to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

How Fake Instagram Followers can Harm your Instagram Profile and Business?

Fake or bot generated IG followers, like I said, will be removed from your account, sooner or later. And this is the best case scenario. At worst, your account will be banned under suspicious activity.

Facebook, Instagram or any other social media network these days have a very strong algorithm. It weeds out fake likes and followers by a mile away.

So, if your account faces a sudden drop in the number of followers or it gets banned, you could see how it will be detrimental to your business or brand.

It will get people to suspect your authenticity and you will lose loyal customers as well. And before you get your head around this fact, your community will be utterly broken. And you will have to start from the ground up.

What is the difference between Bot Generated Instagram Followers and Active and Real Instagram Followers?

You must be wondering: how are we different from most websites out there?

Well, it’s simple really. They deliver bot-generated Instagram followers. What that means is that they feed your profile into a hacking program and the program delivers likes from dead Instagram profiles by hacking into them. You will get no engagement and they will eventually be removed by Instagram.

Real followers are provided by marketing to real people. Ads are generated over multiple platforms and real and interested people check your profile out and follow you. Ads continue being up until the set goal is reached.

See the difference?

Instagram Removed your Followers? Learn how to Buy Instagram Followers Permanent?

You bought some Instagram followers from a website and they delivered. You become very happy but then what happens? After a while you notice a drastic drop in your number of followers.

Why is that?

Because more than likely the company delivered you fake or bot generated Instagram followers. Ther goes your precious money down the drain.

But what if you buy permanent Instagram followers from a trusted website? The scenario will be entirely different. Your followers will stay there because they will be real and your Instagram profile will continue to grow. How’s that for a happy ending?

It could be yours too. If you learn how to weed out the useless companies and buy real Instagram likes cheap from authentic sites like We’ve been in the social media business for over a decade and know how to deliver a service that keeps customers coming back for more.

How to Buy Instagram followers for free from

It’s really simple. After you’ve purchased real Instagram followers from and you’re satisfied, which you will be, you can post a review.

There is this website called TrustPilot. All you have to do is go on over there and leave a 5 star rating and a detailed review and you will get 50 Instagram followers for free. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

How can you buy Cheap Instagram Followers

There are tons of website available that offer cheap Instagram followers that are not worth your time actually. Most of the time they will give your bot-generated followers that will get swallowed up by the Instagram algorithm at best; At worst, get your profile banned.

But there are a few sites out there like that give you real and permanent Instagram followers. In fact, has an offer available that gives you free followers as well.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Let’s face it: if you have nothing on your profile but you have thousands of followers, it will definitely seem sketchy, don’t you think?

In this case, no you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers even if they are cheap. It will do you no good. In fact, it might backfire on you especially if they are permanent. You will need to build your profile up anyway.

So, why not build your profile first and then start small?

Buy a few hundred followers first and in the meantime keep working on your IG profile. Makes sense, right? Then as you build your profile up to that point where it will not seem sketchy for your profile to have thousands of likes, buy permanent IG followers.

Tips to get Organic Instagram followers free

If you’ve done all this and still your Instagram marketing isn’t as robust as you would like then it’s time to pull out the big guns. Just kidding. It’s not that complicated.

Some of the tips are covered in the above section but hey, there is never too much advice, right?

So, here you go.

Get Influencers to talk about your brand:

Influencer marketing works! It’s been proven time and time again. But, it costs money. Lots of money!
Still you can find people who are looking for the same thing you are. You can form a relationship with them and ask them to share a positive review of your brand. Of course, it would be in exchange of a similar service but you can do that for your brand, can’t you?

This way you both get to share your audiences with each other. It’s a win-win really. And it’s free.

Showcase Your Instagram Profile:

You have a good Instagram profile that is fully optimized. Your bio is good, your profile pic, account and username are all perfect for Instagram marketing. Even your posts are following an attractive theme.
And you’re still not showcasing your profile everywhere?

You’re missing out! Big time!

You need to link your Instagram profile on your website, in your blog posts, in your other social media accounts, and every other place you can. The more your share your profile, the more exposure it’s going to get and the more followers you will get as a result.

Don’t Ever Stop Analyzing:

You need to keep an eye on every post that you make. You will see that some of your posts do great while others miss the mark. The ones that are successful reflect what your followers want you to post.

If you give followers what they want, you will get more engagement and it will be overall healthy for your IG marketing.

Analyzing your posts is the best thing you can do for your Instagram profile. Because you don’t want to waste precious hours on creating useless Instagram posts, do you?

How to Start a New Business with Instagram Today?

If you’re worried that you are too late in starting Instagram Marketing, easy off your mind. It’s never too late!

Even though Instagram is about to hit the billion mark, many thousands of businesses start out on Instagram daily. The only thing that matters is that you know what you’re doing so that you can get good results.

So, to make things easier for you, here are a few tips for businesses who are just starting out on Instagram.

Signing Up:

Of course, to start Instagram marketing, you will need to sign up first. While there is no ‘correct’ way to fill out your sign up form, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help your business.

  • Your profile pic should ideally be your business logo so that your brand can be easily identified.
  • Your account name should also be your business name and identical to your other social media profiles.
  • Your username should be your business name as well but keep in mind that you can’t put spaces in your username.
  • You can put one link on your profile. Most businesses put down their website link here or they link out to their latest promo page. Do what suits you best.
  • Your bio could be minimalistic as in you just put in your brand’s slogan. Or it could be a detailed story of your brand. Or you could put in your business address as well. Whatever you do, it should be attractive to your audiences.

Think Small on Hashtags:

Hashtags are what people use for searching for posts in a specific niche. For example if you search for #cats, you will end up with millions of posts on cats. But if you narrow down your hashtag to say #blackcats, there will be fewer results and the more you narrow it down, the less results you will get.

So, yes, use the broad hashtags in your posts but add in the narrow ones too so that you have a better chance of standing out.

Don’t Think of Big Numbers Just Yet:

Unless you buy Instagram followers cheap, you can’t expect to get a large number of followers in the beginning. When just starting out, you need to stick to building a small community, like a tribe.

And to do that, you will need to go to places where your target audiences hang out. And you can search for those audiences using hashtags. Go to the posts that show up start commenting and replying to comments. Follow other people, they will check you out and might follow you back.

Build a small community this way and then broaden it up as you go.

Spend Your Time Efficiently:

Yes, you need to do the above step but that doesn’t mean that you should be on Instagram scrolling down posts and engaging with them until you have to peel your eyes back. Be efficient. Make a schedule and stick to it. Take a few hours out of a day for this task and nothing more.

Same goes for posting on Instagram. Don’t post at random times of a day. Here is an Instagram activity chart by Sprout Social.

You can see here that if you post on 12AM Monday, it might be useless. But, if you were to post on 11AM Wednesday, you might get some completely different results.

Find a Narrative:

People should be able to look at your profile and instantly understand what you’re all about. If you’re selling products, find an attractive way of doing that. In fact, you could add some personality to your product photos if you share that product used in a creative way.

You can be bold with your captions and show some attitude. Or you could be more about nature and feels and all that soft stuff. The thing is, you need to be true to your brand. Once you find that zone that defines your brand, stick to it. People like consistency and it will help you in the long run.

Be Social:

Instagram marketing isn’t all about posting photos and videos and marketing them. Once you market them, there is bound to be engagement on your posts.

Don’t let that engagement go to waste!

Respond to it in an appropriate and fresh way. People don’t like robots. They want to see the human face behind the brand. They want to make a connection because it makes them feel special.

Don’t just put out generic responses. Get personal but in a casual way. Don’t be too frank, unless your brand demands it of course. All I’m saying is that don’t be a robot.

What are the Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers?

You could buy real Instagram followers cheap. There are many websites that offer this service but only a few are reliable in providing real and permanent IG followers, like

Here are a few benefits of buying IG followers and likes:

No Extra Effort:

You don’t need to spend countless hours learning social media marketing techniques and then applying them. Say good bye to trial and error formula. You can just buy real Instagram followers and reap the benefits.

Yes, you’ll have to put in a little bit of effort to maintain your Instagram profile. We can’t do that for you but we will provide you with a good head start.

Domino Effect:

Why do people need more Instagram followers? So that people will notice them. If a profile has only a few dozen likes, people may not take them seriously.

But say, you’ve got thousands of likes, it will start a domino effect. More and more people will get attracted to the number of followers you have and you will get even more followers.

Creating a Balance:

Well, you have a very good business and your products are of finer quality than your rival brand. But your rival got to Instagram marketing first. So, obviously they are going to have more IG followers than you.

But, if you buy real IG followers you will have a chance to balance out the odds. You will be competing with your rival from a more or less equal footing. And like I said earlier, having a large number of followers will create a domino effect.

They’re Not Expensive:

You could buy real and permanent Instagram followers in the cheapest price. Yes, there are scammers out there who will give you followers that will get swallowed up later.

But, if you buy real Instagram followers from sites like you will be making a great investment that will help you in the long term, since the followers you get will be permanent.

If you’re new to Instagram marketing, here are a few key steps you need to follow.

Why Instagram Followers are important?

There is no doubt that buying Instagram followers plays important role in boosting your business. Why? Because Instagram has almost one billion users visit at least one business profiles every day. And more than twenty-five million small and big businesses worldwide are using Instagram for their businesses. Although Instagram is just a Photo and Video sharing social media platform but it has the most engaged audience rather than other Social Media apps or websites that converts users into sales.

Initially, Instagram was almost a copy of Snapchat. But then Instagram included many innovative features into its platform to make it even more interesting and amazing. The story feature, stickers, saving the pictures for later in the collection, multiple picture uploads, etc. that later on was added on their other platforms Facebook and WhatsApp.
All these features make Instagram unique in its genre and that’s why millions of brands are now using Instagram to market their business. They strive to get the attention of more and more people so they can increase their follower count.

You must be wondering: Why does number of Instagram followers matter?

Well, here are a few reasons why:

You Can Promote a Cause:

Just like you need a large audience to convey a message in real life, more Instagram followers means that your word will get spread quickly. You will be able to bring about the change you want in the society.
Some drastic event occurred and you want your voice heard, there you go. If you have a large number of IG followers, your task becomes infinitely easier.

Instagram Influencers Make Tons of Money:

If you have thousands of real Instagram followers, you might be considered an influencer. Brands look for such accounts. They want to reach a specific audience and Instagram influencers are a great way of doing that.
They reach out to these influencers and pay money to get their product promoted. Isn’t it great? You can earn money right from your home just by being a good Instagrammer.

You Can Market Your Own Business:

This is another way of making money through Instagram. You can market your own product and land a lot of sales. Instagram makes it really easy for brands to sell their products. In fact, Instagram for business offers a lot of features designed just for sellers so that they can grow their business.
But in order to get those sales, what do you need?

You guessed it: More Instagram Followers.

Become Famous:

Well, this is a given but let me lay it out for you anyway. You want the online community to notice you and become famous? You are an indie band and want your name known across the globe? You are a budding comedian and want to get fame so that you can have the courage to get in front of a real audience?

The list goes on and on.

But, the crux of the matter is that you need a large number of IG followers.

That is all well and true. But, where to get those real and permanent IG followers? We all know that Instagram or any social media platform for that matter offers very low organic reach. And even to get those few people to notice you, you need to put in countless hours and endless efforts.

And for what?

You will still not be satisfied and might end up abandoning your account.

So, what should you do to avoid that fate?

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