7 Tactics to Improve Your Facebook Ads’ Conversion Rate

By Posted Jan 12, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Facebook is a unique platform that you can use to generate leads for your ads. It has approximately 1.59 billion monthly active users so it will definitely help you find qualified leads. There is no doubt that Facebook ads are incredibly efficient and if you use Facebook ads alone, you can run an effective campaign.

However, the performance of Facebook ads depends on your marketing strategy because without proper planning all of your money is going to drain.

Usually, the marketers rely on few methods of optimization and when they prove useless, they’ve got nothing else up their sleeves. That’s why in this article I have put a wealth of information that will show you some tactics to optimize Facebook ads. Before diving into Facebook ads conversion, let’s take a look at this.

1. Use Video Ads to Build Audiences

Facebook videos have become very hot in the last couple of years. “A picture speaks a thousand words.” So, by video ads, you can earn huge benefit to your conversion rate.

But the higher engagement video rate is not the guarantee of a successful ad campaign so always test your work to get results.

Video ads are also good with newest feature of marketing that is its ability to target people who are already engaged with your content.

If you want to utilize this feature, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the menu in the upper left corner and then select ‘Audiences’.
  • Now select ‘Custom Audiences’ from the menu.
  • Now select ‘Engagement on Facebook’.

You can also get to know that from your targeted people who have watched smaller and who have watched larger portion by engagement level.

I suggest that you choose at least 10 seconds as it will allow you to know more engaged people.

By doing this, you can collect the data about your active audiences who have viewed your videos and are familiar with your content.

2. Narrow Lookalike Audiences with Interests

Lookalike audiences is a marvelous tactic for you if you want to enjoy a huge traffic for your blog. But in some cases, the amount of lookalike audiences becomes too large and finding the potential customers is a headache.

Test your ads by using multiple interests it can help you to find a smaller group of focused audience. After finding right audience you can reduce the cost per click/conversion.

Follow the given method:

  • Find select the group of lookalike audience that you want to use for your ad.
  • After selection go to Detailed Targeting.
  • In detailed targeting, add your interests one after one.
  • Test your results and hit a sweet spot of well-defined customers.

3. Install Conversion Tracking Pixel

To keep track of your customers’ behavior on your site, you must use conversion pixel rate. It is a small code with a big purpose.

It will help you to optimize your campaigns by giving appropriate data. Also by clicking on your ad you can track sales, etc and compute your ROI.So for the best results install pixel long before your first campaign.
By this you allow Facebook to take its time and gather some information about the people converting into customers. It does not matter if they are coming from different marketing channel.

4. Use Ads to Communicate Your Brand Story

Mostly people are using Facebook to socialize. So you need to enhance its commercial appeal to attract people to shop. These ads facilitate you to connect with new customers and allow you to build a relationship.
Using ads to communicate audiences that will tell them your brand’s story. Studies show that by producing ads you can convey your brand’s message and improve your conversion rate.

You can also use videos to tell your brand’s story. Create a video and keep in mind that it should be short, fast moving and most importantly, easy to understand.

5. Target Tech-Savvy Users

Targeting digitally savvy consumers is also a good strategy to increase your ads conversion rate. Try to locate audiences that are more likely to buy.

By following this behavior, you can open doors of hidden optimization opportunities. As a good advertiser, you should be able to define your audience like they are travelers or gamers etc. This is only possible to subtract users by their usual behavior.

You cannot have exact data on behaviors, but you can draw a picture by using different methodologies. Say you want to exclude users who are inclined to use advanced technology then bypass them by users of 2G/3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

6. Remove distraction

There are items on page, you think that are diverting your visitor. You want their focus on your ad. Then try to remove distractions.

Product options that are unnecessary, extra links and information that is extraneous can make harm to your conversion rate. Minimize these irrelevant things and bring a change to your conversion rate. Try to shrink the menu, remove extra images and avoid sidebars. Simply remove everything that is not supporting your conversion.

7. Increase trust

Building trust is the key to selling your product. You can’t buy from any person whether he is giving you any discount or not. You know that the product he is selling is good but you would not buy it. Here the only thing lacking is trust.

If you want to sell your product first develops a certain trust level with your client. Adding trust elements can increase your conversions. Here, I have a list of things what makes the client trust your ad.

To find information about your website should be easy.

Try publications of well-known authors, citations and source material can increase your credibility. Even if they are still not going for your links you have left a mark.

It should show that you belong a real organization.

List your physical address. Post a picture of your office. These things will make them believe that you are running this ad from a real organization.

Your expertise should be prominent.

Show them your organization from which you are affiliated. Make your credentials clear. Show you have a team of experts. Don’t associate your ad with outside sites.

Highlight that you have trustworthy people.

Try to portray trustworthiness of your people through images. You can post their pictures and show a little bio to gain the trust of clients.

Contacting you should be easy.

If they can contact you, they have an idea that they can reach you anytime. So boost your credibility. Give some basic information like your brand’s phone number, email and address.

Your site should have a professional look.

Just a single look can influence people. So pay a keen attention to the layout and images of your site. Avoid spelling mistakes.

The crux is to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook you have to pass your campaign from many tests. Sometimes things you consider small can prove very helpful for your ad.

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