7 Reasons to Advertise Your Brand on Social Media

By Posted Aug 07, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

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Over the past few years, most of the marketers have witnessed a revolution in the marketing trends and strategies. Social media marketing has become a crucial part of the marketing mix now. Although some businesses still prefer to use traditional mediums for advertisement but many business have finally admitted the reality that social media has now become a vital source for the endorsement of brands.

Today, markets have become dynamic and customer’s perceptions have tremendously changed. Presence of a business on social media gives customer a surety that business is flexible and it is able to cope with the changing trend. Have a look on some reasons which will help you to understand why social media marketing should be part of your marketing strategies and how it will positively speed up your business.

1. Strong B2C relationship:

We all know that customers are the real asset of any business. Performance of a business is highly dependent on the relationship a business has with its customers. If customer is happy and satisfied with the quality of your services, it indicates that you are going in the right direction. Social media marketing enables businesses to interact with their customers and build a strong relationship with them. Strong and timely interaction is the key of success in the current environment.

Social media helps businesses to understand the needs and wants of their customer base on the basis of their reactions. Additionally, it gives businesses a deep insight of the trends that their customers are following with the help of fast and live feedbacks. For example, which product is more popular among customers and which has failed to draw customer’s attention etc.

2. Brand recognition:

Positive image and good reputation is all a business wants and expects along with the higher sales. Social media marketing not only plays a huge role for higher sales but it can also put a great impact on the image of a business. Socializing and interacting with your followers on recent events, happening etc. portrays a positive image about the organization.

For example, raising your voice for a good cause will give you a soft corner in your followers’ hearts. It depicts that your business is not only focused on its financial objectives but it also has a special spot for the society. This whole situation assists in brand recognition and it also increases the loyalty of customers towards your brand.

3. Increased and instant accessibility:

A brand’s existence on social networks makes it more accessible to existing customers as well as to potential customers. Your frequent posts and activities on different social media are more likely to grab user’s attention. This will increase the chances of interaction and reaction from a customer’s side. More reaction ultimately can boost up the likelihood of conversion.

Another important thing to notice here is that social networks give you a worldwide exposure. Anything that you share instantly becomes available to millions of users.In case of traditional mediums of advertisement this is not possible of course. More exposure brings more familiarity in your bag and ultimately your customer base will increase.

4. Cheapest source to market:

Social networks are the cheapest way to market your brand as compared to others ways of marketing. Like old days, you don’t need to allocate a handsome amount in your budget for the marketing. Even if you have opted for paid marketing on social networks, they don’t cost you much either.A person from the marketing department with competitive skills is all you need in social media marketing.

Unlike other ways of marketing, your quality time is the only key that will help you to shine in the crowd of other brands. According to Hubspot report, six hours per day are considered enough to increase the traffic on your website or page. That means you only need one hour per day for the creation of quality content and you are all set.

5. Target marketing is easy on social media:

One of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is that you can address to your target customers. Social media platforms allow you to have a deep insight by keeping an eye on the customer’s behavior. For example, you can analyze what kind of stuff is popular among youth or women or among men.

This analysis will lead you to more targeted and relevant posts and information which could help to generate more traffic. Using traditional mediums you can’t generate such type of information because you can’t reach the audience yourself.

6. Quality assurance becomes easy:

Again, a unique feature of social media marketing is that your customers can contact you right away if they have any problem regarding to your services or products etc. Instant responses assist business to spot any issue in their services and hence it helps in the quality assurance process.

Timely responses to the complaints of customers portray that you are not only concerned with the profit increments but you value your customer’s feedback and their satisfaction is important for the business. If you do this properly, you can actually earn loyalty of customers.

7. High competition:

No matter in which industry you operate in, competition is becoming tough and tough with every passing day. Competitors are high in numbers and there is a constant battle of gaining or maintaining market shares. Under such circumstances, social media marketing is a must thing to do if you want to win over your competitor or you want to remain in the race.

If you competitor is already using social media networks for marketing and you are not then it means you are allowing them to grab your potential customers. With the exposure social media gives to you, you can fight for your share and you can prevent your competitor to snatch it.


Social media marketing has made its place in the business marketing and has become a trend that must be adopted in order to stay competitive. It’s not too late yet if you haven’t debut your brand on social media networks as soon as possible with the required skills. This trend is growing over time and it is very unlikely that you will regret over this decision of yours.

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