7 Giveaway Prize Ideas For Your Facebook Contests

By Posted Feb 02, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

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In order to hold a Facebook contest, you just need to have two things:

  1. A solid idea that what your contest would be about.
  2. A prize.

In my previous post about this topic, we discussed five different ways that you could hold a contest on your Facebook fan-page. The contest ideas are the easy part. The difficult part comes when you have to decide about what to offer your fans as a prize if they win.

Choosing the correct prize is really important because it will make or break your fans’ loyalty and interest in your brand. This post covers 7 different ideas about the contest prize and you need to see for yourself which one will be good for you.

1- Fancy Technology:

Choosing new technology as a contest prize is not always a good idea. Well, maybe good for your fans but not for you.

Now, giving away an iPod, iPhone or iPad are not necessarily bad but if you choose them as your giveaway prize, chances are that your new or already existing fans will pay attention to you because they want that piece of technology. They may not even like your brand. They will be just using you to get to that prize and that is not what you are aiming for, is it?

But if you work for or own a tech related company like cell phones, laptops, tablets, headphones or any other such company, be free to offer your latest technology to your fans because this option is the best for you.

2- Best Of What You’ve Got:

The next option is to set you best product or service as a contest prize. This way only your most loyal customers will be interested in your contest. You will get a lot of engagement from your loyal customers. You can even set not one but two or three winners and that will encourage more and more of your fans to take part in your contest. But if you have products that are in different fields entirely, like if you own a departmental store or something, this next option will be more suitable for you.

3- Gift Basket:

If you own a company or brand that offers products in different areas of life, this option will be a suitable one for you. You can put together the most popular of your products or even put some of those that you think are good but have not been properly exposed to public.

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4- Gift Cards:

If you own a store or something like that, you can always offer gift cards to your potential customers. People often hesitate to buy things that are more than $100 worth but if they have a $50 (or above) gift card that hesitate as much when buying that particular item that they like so much.

5- Give Discounts:

You can always give discounts on your items. But for this, you will probably have to make a coupon or something that you fans can print out and show it at your store to get that special discount that they get only by entering the contest on your Facebook page. This is a really good way to get the word out about your store or brand.

6- Free Month/Year Service:

If you own a website that requires paid subscription or if you offer monthly services, the best giveaway prize for your Facebook contest would be to offer that subscription or service free of charge for a certain period of time. Chances are if your fans use it for free for a time, they will like it and then when that free trial period is over, they will most likely pay for that just to keep using it.

7- Let Your Fans Choose:

What you can also do is put together some items from the above list as options. Ask your users to vote on them and whatever prize wins the vote, give it to the random winner of the contest. Nothing would give your fans more satisfaction than getting to choose their own prize.

There are countless other ideas that are tied to Facebook contest prizes but the above ones are at the top the list of the ones that work best.

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