6 Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity

By Posted May 06, 2019 in Social Media Marketing

Are you a frustrated social media marketer who feels like time just slips out of your hand whenever you get down to work?

Searching for tools that might help you out in being more productive?

If yes, you are on the right track. Social media marketing is very time consuming and being productive takes quite a bit of skill. As your brand grows, you have more collateral stuff to deal with and you don’t have time for the actual content creation or other important marketing tasks.

Well, worry no more! Here are six social media marketing tools that will save you a lot of time and help you boost productivity.

1- Evernote – Content Inspiration:

This is like a virtual notebook for your ideas and inspirations. Whenever you see something that you like or you think that it will resonate with your audience, you can just save it in Evernote. It supports text, images as well as audio, so you can either type something, dictate it, or capture a screenshot if you like.

This is a great tool because every social media marketer gets stuck when thinking about new content to post. When that happens, you’ll have inspiration material right in front of you through this tool.

You can sync Evernote with all of your devices, which means that you can access your inspiration ideas whenever you want no matter where you are.

2- Gmail – Canned Emails:

Increasing productivity is all about saving extra time so that you can use it efficiently. One huge part of being a digital marketer is to respond to emails. But there are some types of emails that get repeated a lot.

For example, someone asked about a certain product, wants to do a guest post, asks about your refund policy, etc. You can either type out the reply for each and every one of these emails, and waste your valuable time. Or, you could create canned responses through Gmail so that you can quickly add that to the email you want to respond to.

It’s not some bot message that gets automatically sent. Instead, you can edit these responses to customize them according to the sender. It will still save up a lot of your time.

3- Canva for Work – Create Amazing Graphics:

You’ve got inspiration for the content you want to post on your social media profile but when you start creating it, either you can’t create it the way you want or it takes too much time. This is where Canva for Work comes in.

It’s a great tool that major brands use as well because it’s easy to understand and use. It guides you through every step of the graphics creating process and the final result looks like it’s been done by a professional. Not to mention, if you don’t feel like starting from scratch, you can choose from the many templates that it offers.

Also, the first-month trial is free which gives you plenty of time to test it out and see if it works for you.

4- AgoraPulse – Social Media Management:

AgoraPulse is a one-stop for almost all of your social media management needs which is a good thing for boosting your productivity. You won’t have to go to separate platforms for simple tasks; you can just do them under one software.

You can schedule posts through it and it also has team collaboration tools that let you work as a team to make sure that your workflow is efficient and clutter free. But, the most important feature that AgoraPulse offers is the ability to monitor social media conversions that are related to your business whether someone mentioned your brand name, talked about you or tagged you in a hashtag. This way you will have your finger on the pulse (pun intended) of your social media presence.

It also offers tiered pricing plans so that you can choose the one that suits the best for your business.

5- Rapportive – Influencers’ Social Links:

Ever had a conversation with a person or an influencer through email and then you started searching the web for their social media profiles. If you have, you may have noticed that it takes a lot of precious time and sometimes with no results.

What if there was a way that you can get their social media profiles right in your inbox?

Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that displays social connection information about your contacts right in your inbox. Or, if you know their social media profile name, you can get their email through this as well.

But this only works if the person has registered their social media profiles with the same email that you are interacting with. If they created their social media profiles with a different email address, this won’t give you anything. But, generally, people don’t use separate emails for their work and using Rapportive saves you a lot of time.

6- Pocket – Read at a Convenient Time:

Suppose you are searching the web for inspiration for your social media post or just by chance stumble upon an article that looks great but you don’t have the time right then to read it. You can save it on Pocket for reading later. This syncs up with all of your devices so you can read those articles whenever you want wherever you are.

You might be wondering how this relates to productivity. Well, the more you read, the more information you have and when the time comes, you can make more informed decisions and create high quality and informative content.

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