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We’ve all come to know Facebook as the biggest social media giant in the world of marketing over the last decade. But the game was started in 2006 when with the partnership of Microsoft, Facebook ads came to the market. Now, these ads have the most targeted traffic with really good filters to narrow down your audience. Ads on Facebook can be hugely effective with the key being to engage potential clients by using your skills. Still, there are countless marketers who end up staring at their screens in frustration for not having enough clicks. So if your ads are not giving you expected results you might need to read these 6 common reasons.

1- You Don’t Understand Your Target Consumer

This is a very common misconception that by reaching millions of people you can make your social media ad campaigns effective but keep this thing in mind that no one is going to click if the ad is not in front of the right people. A campaign will fail even after having perfect text and images if its targeted audience is not correct.

Firstly, understand that social advertisement is not for broad scale. The businesses that are creating social media campaigns should have a proper understanding of their audiences. Set your campaign considering geographical location of your consumers. If you are marketing nationwide, serve them according to their interest and choose your content they would like to read.

Also, narrow down your list of by using tools available for this. For this, set some parameters like location, social media sites they are preferring, education, browsing activity, age etc. By using flex targeting you can have far better refining and it can lead you to higher conversion rates. Also, Facebook is releasing new tools to find a more accurate audience for ad system. The relevance score is one of them.

Split testing is also a good way to assess the audience you targeted is accurate. There is also a service recently announced by Facebook to get help from Facebook Ads specialist called Facebook Go. Pay them certain specified money and enjoy their help according to your brand need.

2- Your Ads Need to Be More Visually Appealing

When people go to the Facebook they want social interaction, they are not there for gathering some information or to buy any product but to hang out with friends. So it is crucial to choose an eye-catching image also it should be relevant. The human brain is capable of processing an image in 13 milliseconds, so choose your image wisely and increase your engagement.

3- The Text Isn’t Effective

Don’t put all efforts on selecting a perfect image. You also need to put a lot of emphasis on the text writing. Facebook ads are importantly about text and may be a big reason why users are clicking or not clicking on your ads. Don’t make your ads look like a spam as it will cost you your credibility. Badly written or confusing ads will only give you frustration so always make sure that your ad is specific. Write according to the need of your customers and you will have surprising results.

4- You’re Posting Ads with Bad Timing

Behind not getting enough interaction, there can be a reason of timing. Maybe you advertise your ads when users aren’t online. Timing can make a big difference!

On weekdays the prime advertising timing is 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Advertisements during these hours are much worthy and therefore, they cost more than usual. The chances to get clicks are greater in this duration.

5- Monitoring and refining ads

Monitoring of your campaign is as important as launching it. After the ad has gone live you cannot just leave and start spending its budget. First consider precisely that what is working and what is not. Always monitor the progress your campaign is making.

Change the placement in accordance with their age, gender and location. Also the time of day they react to the ads. You can have better ROI by some simple changes.

6- You’re Not Using Analytic Tools

Without using analytics, you cannot find how engaging your ads are. To find out the number of clicks you must use all tools at their full potential. Use social media analytics tools to build the ads data on your campaigns, and then use this information for your audiences.

These are all the things that you might not be doing. So, if you are guilty of any of these, change that habit right now to get better results in your Facebook ad campaign.

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