5 Tips For Creating A Result-Deriving Facebook Ad

5 Tips For Creating A Result-Deriving Facebook Ad

5 Tips For Creating A Result-Deriving Facebook Ad

By Posted Nov 30, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing


It is a known and widely observed fact that Facebook‘s organic reach has become almost non-existent for small business owners. It is because Facebook users are adding more and more friends and family. They are also liking more and more pages. The competition is over the top for small businesses to gain their fans’ attention. As a result, Facebook’s organic reach has decreased more and more over time. Now business owners have to pay for Facebook Ads to get noticed by potential customers and followers.

Facebook has been making updates every few weeks to make Facebook ads ideal for both the business owners and the customers. Up until recently, there were two ad formats: photo ads and video ads. Video ads proved to be better in starting a relationship between the brands and potential customers and they also brought more followers than the photo ads.

Now there is a third ad format which is suitable for slower internet connections as well. Slideshow ads will be able to show properly on slower internet connections as well as on faster internet connections. Brand can provide from 3 to 7 photos to appear in the slideshow that would describe their brand properly. They can be the screenshots of a high definition video as well. They can also set their slideshow duration from 5 to 15 seconds as well depending on whether they want the slideshow to move quick or slow.

That is all well and good but there is one problem and that is people are conditioned to ignore ads. Whenever they see ‘promoted’ alongside a post, they tend to just scroll down to the next post. It’s just like Pavlov’s conditioning experiment.

So, what to do, you ask? Well, you have to make your ad more noticeable!

And to do that, here are some useful tips:

1- Get Into The News Feed:

Due to the fact that smartphones and tablets are really common now, most of the Facebook users use their mobile devices to access Facebook. The problem? It’s that the mobile version of Facebook does not come with a right column. You have to place your ad in the news feed in order to be visible. To do that, you have to use Power Editor. You can easily install its extension on Chrome or other browsers. Power Editor is slightly more complicated that your normal Facebook ad dashboard but it gives you more options.

2- Target Your Audience Accordingly:

If you are targeting teens, you have to speak in a way that will appeal to them. On the other hand, if you are targeting 40 to 70 year olds, you have to speak in more formal way or whatever way will appeal to them. You cannot just put the same ad for all age groups. Place different ads for different age groups and you will get better results.

3- Boost Your Successful Posts:

When you post something and it is fairly well received by your fans as compared to your other posts, you should boost it. You already know that this post appeals to your fans, chances are that it will appeal to general public as well.

4- Use 20% Rule to Your Advantage:

Facebook says that you cannot use images that contain more than 20% words in your Facebook ad campaign. Well, use this to your advantage by including images that will catch your target audience’s attention. You do not have to use images that are your brand’s logo or product or something like that. Instead, you can use images that are eye catching and also relevant to what you are talking about.

5- Offer Some Rewards:

You can encourage people to like your page by offering them a entry in an ongoing contest that you are holding for your fans. Give them a deadline so that they are tempted to jump on your offer. This can derive really good results.

In the end, these are just a few tips but they are known to get people the results that they want.


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