5 Steps for Running a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

By Posted Jun 16, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ad campaign

Are you using Facebook as your main social media platform for the marketing of your business? If yes, then you must be concerned about your organic reach. Maintaining your reach on this social media platform has become a serious issue now. Several factors are resulting in the decline of organic reach day by day. Presence of so many brands and availability of tons of content are the main factors responsible for the decline.

If your brand is struggling to maintain its reach then let me tell you that you are not alone in this struggle. This is a battle of almost every brand that uses Facebook marketing. Good thing is Facebook is really sympathetic towards its users and it understands the impact of this issue on the businesses.

Therefore, it provides you an advertising platform using which you can buy ads for your brand. Using this platform you can overcome the reach problem if effective marketing strategies are being executed. In order to make sure that you are not wasting your money on Facebook ads, you need to know how this advertising platform works.

In this article, I am going to share some tips which will help you to create best ads for your brand.

1.     Targeting right audience:

Identification of the right audience is the first thing that you need to consider while using Facebook advertising platform. It is very important to pinpoint and target your loyal customer base before spending your resources on the Facebook ads. Different measures can be used in the process of targeting e.g. you can use age, location, gender etc. as a measure for targeting.

This identification will help you to estimate the number of people who are actually willing to give their precious time by reacting on your call. In addition to this, this will put you in a better position to understand and fulfill the expectations and taste of different users that are associated with your brand.

2.     Engage your audience according to their taste:

Advertisements create an image and perception about your brand among your existing and potential customers. The quality of your ad determines how much engagement you are going to get from your audience. You can’t bring your brand into line light if you are using similar concepts just like your competitor. Audience wants innovation and this innovation is the only way to attract the users towards your brand. Facebook advertising platform enables you to bring innovation by creating your own unique stuff. Using your ideas you can create ads according to the taste of your target audience. If you have different types of audience, make different ads and make sure that every class or type of audience is getting their kind of stuff. This approach will surely bring better results in terms of engagement.

For example, let’s say you are a mobile network brand and you want to create an ad about free airtime. You have two types of audience in your mind: One is based on the elderly people and the second type is based on the younger people. Here, two sets of ads will make a great difference. For elderly people you can create an ad which is family oriented. The other ad which is for teens, you can focus on the friendship goals. Here you are advertising about the same thing or offer but the nature of ad is different based on the taste of audience. Different sets of ads will be created using Facebook Ads manager.

Another important thing here is to decide where you want to take your audience when they click on your ad. Whether you want to keep them inside Facebook or you want to take them to the external links. Facebook charges you differently according to your selected link. However, you can save these extra charges by creating a landing page.  By clicking your ad, the customer is directed towards the landing page first. On this page, you can give brief description about the product or service you are providing just to enhance the understanding of the user. Then you can link this landing page with your website where customers can make buying decisions.


3.     Budget

This is the most important factor in the Facebook Ad campaign. Once you have created an ad you need to choose a budget for it. The budget depends upon your will i.e. how much you want to spend on your ad campaign. Basically you have two options. One is daily budget and the second is Lifetime budget.

If you want your ad set to run constantly then use daily budget option. In this option Facebook will charge you on per day basis. Minimum per day budget for your ad is $1.00. If you are using different ad sets then different budget will have to be set for different ad sets.

If you want your ad to run for a specified time period then use lifetime budget option. In this option you set an amount, let’s say $500. Now Facebook will evenly spread this amount over the time period that you have selected.

It is important to understand that your bid will determine your ability to reach your target audience. High bidding will help you to reach high target audience and vice versa.

4.     Create eye-catchy ads

We all are aware of the importance of visual content in the advertisement. Visual content such as image has a great impact and play a very promising role in the high engagement rate. Make sure to bring up interesting stuff for your audience. Use an eye catchy image rather than text which can grab the attention of users and forces them to click on the ad. According to Facebook policy you can use an image which contains 20% text.

5.     Measure the results:

Last but not the least tip to successfully run ad campaign is that you should check the viability of your ads on regular basis once you have launched it. This will help you to realize whether your ad is producing desired results in form of high engagement rate, high sales etc. the most important metric of performance will be click-on rate.You must continuously review which ad is working better and try to identify the reason of its good performance. This will help you to bring changes in those ads which are not working according to the expectations. Try to learn from your mistakes and use the learning to create even better ads in future. Here, it is important to understand that you need to give proper and appropriate time to an ad after putting it online. Never rush to a conclusion without giving appropriate time to your efforts. Sometimes an ad takes a little longer time to start producing result because market condition and audience’s reactions are unpredictable.

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