5 Powerful Facebook Advertising Features You Should Definitely Use

By Posted Jan 01, 2018 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing

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Even with many social media platforms in the game right now, Facebook still remains at the top as the social media giant. And like with all other aspects of the network, it is the number one choice of the social media marketers for paid advertisement as well. In fact, according to a report, around 94% of the marketers use Facebook for advertising their brand.

So, if you own a brand and are looking to invest your money for growing your business, it’s only logical that you consider Facebook as a solid candidate. There are a lot of advertisement features that Facebook offers that help bring more traffic, leads and engagement for brands. But if you want the best Facebook advertising features that will definitely help you, here are the top picks that have proven to do the job time and time again.

1- Facebook Pixel:

If you don’t know what Facebook Pixel is and what it does, you are seriously missing out. It basically tracks activity on your website by Facebook users who visit it through both from your paid advertisements as well as organic means. It’s not complicated at all. You just have to add a bit of code to the pages of your website that you want to track.

The type of activity the Pixel will track includes things like completing a registration form, viewing content, making a purchase or adding items to cart.

Just go over to Facebook Ads Manager and create a pixel. Then copy the code to your desired web pages and it’s done. You can then view insights tracked by this pixel and improvise your brand strategy accordingly.

2- Carousel Ads:

Carousel ads can display up to 10 images or videos within the same ad and each one of those items can link back to a different web page.

You can do whatever you want with this type of an ad whether it is storytelling, showcasing a new product range, highlight a latest promotion, or anything else that you can think of. Carousel ads are really useful because you can attach a title, link and a call to action with each one of the images or videos that you include in the ad.

If you do it right, you will see an increased conversion rate and click through rate from your Facebook ads.

3- Video Ads:

Video is not just the future of marketing, it’s a huge trend right now. People engage more with videos as compared to photos or text posts. Not to mention Facebook offers really cheap video ads with cost as less as a penny per video view.

That’s good news on so many levels because almost 45% of Facebook and YouTube users watch videos for an hour per week on average. Think of how much brand awareness and other business growth goals you can meet with video ads if you play your cards right.

4- Behavior, Interest and Demographic Targeting:

Facebook’s behavior targeting in just like the name suggests. It basically tracks its users’ behavioral patterns like recent purchases, purchase intents, travel preferences, etc. Here is a complete list of the behaviors (compiled by Wordstream) in accordance to which you can target your audience.

behavior targeting

You can target people based on their interests as well. Here is another list of interests that you can target people with. This list also compiled by Wordstream.

interest targeting

And another list by Wordstream shows you the demographics that you can target using Facebook ads. Needless to say, Facebook has the best targeting filters available in the social media ad market.

demographic targeting

5- Custom Audiences:

With Custom Audiences, you can target your potential customers to remarket your content. You can use this feature to target people who have visited specific pages of your website, or who are added in the list of contacts that you manually upload to Facebook or who have used your app.

You can combine this feature to the Facebook Pixel that you have placed on your web pages to get the best insights and results so that you target your potential customers in way that doesn’t scare them away.

Nobody wants to be shown advertisements about the products they have already purchased. You can use the Facebook Pixel to know what kind of activity people have done on your website and then you can sort them out to target your ads in the best way possible.

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