5 Things to Consider Before Diving into Social Media Marketing

By Posted Mar 16, 2017 in Social Media Marketing


With most of the brands from all over the world investing into social media marketing to increase their brand awareness and make their business more successful, there are still people who are hesitant about launching their social media marketing campaign.

They are uncertain about the best way to get started and whether or not they will be successful. There is always something holding them back. And then there are those people who are not hesitant at all even when they should be and they just dive straight into social media marketing without any second thought.

This post is for both of those categories of people. For the uncertain ones, it will provide courage by giving them a sense of direction and for the over-excited ones, it will give a few pointers they should be considering before starting social media marketing to avoid failure in the future.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the things that you must do before launching your first social media marketing campaign.

1-Go with a Plan/Goal in Mind:

The ‘Ready, Fire and Aim!’ technique is the worst approach that you could take with social media marketing. It seems lousy and will get little to zero results in the long run. So, the best way to start a social media marketing campaign is to have a set goal in mind.

What do you want out of your marketing campaign? Is it success? What do you define as success? Is it more followers or is it more customers? Do you just want to increase your brand awareness?

These are all the questions that you should be able to answer and then specify a goal or plan in your mind for which you will be marketing on social media platforms.

2-Have Good Content:

Most of the time the end result of the social media marketing campaigns is to drive your followers to your website or blog. But when you achieve that, the main thing that matters is that you have good and quality content that will keep your followers coming back for more.

So, before going into social media marketing, build your website or blog to the standard that will encourage conversion and only then think about investing in social media marketing campaigns.

3-Establish a Good Working Environment:

You cannot do it all alone. You need to have a group of people that will work together as a team to achieve a successful social media marketing campaign. They need to have their tasks assigned to them so that each one of the team members can be able to work efficiently and with a sense of purpose.

You need to do this beforehand so that there are no nuisances going on when the actual marketing campaign is running.

4-Complete Profiles:

No matter what social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) you will be using for your social media marketing campaign, you need to fill out your profile carefully and completely. Not a single one of your section should be left blank, especially the bio section because that is where your followers and potential customers will get to know about you and your brand.

5-Know How Analytics Work:

Again, no matter which platform you use for your social media marketing campaign, it will have its own analytical statistics that will help you determine how your campaign is going so far. So, in order to succeed in social media marketing, you need to have a basic knowledge of how analytics work.

The reason behind that is if you know what works and what does not work for your brand, you might be able to make your efforts better by considering those statistics and then check again whether the changes you made increased your graph or decreased it. Really, social media marketing is all about measuring your success.

Hope these things shed a light on what you should do or have before launching your social media marketing campaign instead of going into it blindly.

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