5 Biggest Mistakes That New Marketers Can do in Social Media Marketing

By Posted Mar 26, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

Social Media Mis-takes

In today’s world and age, almost every business across the world is trying to make their business known to bigger audiences. For that, many of them use social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc. But when they first start social media marketing, they are bound to have a few problems and they will probably make a lot of mistakes.

Out of all the mistakes they can do, here are the biggest ones:

1-Investing Big on Advertisement:

When you first start social media marketing, there is this deep desire in your heart that you want to make your business visible to people. For that you are willing to do anything and everything. You want to make it happen really fast. You are even ready to invest money in ad campaigns that you have probably never done before in your life.

But wait. This new in the marketing plan, it is probably the biggest mistake that you can do. Because let’s face it. If you have just started social media marketing, your profile doesn’t have good statistics that is going to impress people. They will probably visit your page, think it is not worth their time because it does not have a good following and go on about their business as usual without giving you a second thought. Or your ad campaign works, people start rolling in but you are new to the marketing business. You are not ready to present a good show. Either way this is a mistake that you should avoid.

2-Selecting the Wrong Platform:

Some Tricks For Social Media Marketing

Here is the thing: Facebook is not for every business out there. Neither is Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any other social media platform. You have to take into consideration what kind of business is yours and which platform has the better audience and tools for your social media marketing. Just do not jump on every wagon there is. Every social media platform is unique and it serves a different purpose. So, be smart in choosing which platform to use for your social media marketing.

3-Investing in Marketing Staff:

It is easy to get carried away with the temptation to employ the best people out there to market your business. But this early in your marketing strategy, you should not even think about investing in marketing staff, let alone actually do it.

The only time you should do it is if you have done everything you could possible do and exhausted every way but with no results. Or if you have other commitments that require your time. Trust me, your pocket will thank you for it.

4-Following Your Competitors:

Every person is unique. They have their own ideas, their own way of thinking and if you follow your competitor in every step they take, you will probably lose your way. Keep an eye on your competitors, take cues from them but do not copy them in everything. Use your and your teams ideas more than you use your influencers’.

5-Not Measuring Statistics:

If you are investing in ad campaigns or if you are simply trying out new things in your social media marketing strategies, do not fail to measure the statistics. Because, in the end, the statistical measures are all that can tell you if people liked your ads or changes.

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