4 Benefits of Using Social Media Dashboards in Your Marketing

By Posted Mar 17, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

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One big mistake that many new social media marketers do is they spread their selves too thin over a number of social media platforms. They think that they need to make an account on every social media platform that the internet has to offer, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat and many more. Probably, in their opinion if they have a profile on every social media network, their work is automatically done.

What they don’t realize is that creating the profile or account is just the beginning. They have to put in work and effort into every platform to have a hope that they will get some results too. Every social media network is different than the other and each should be planned and strategized for individually. Then there is the minimum number of posts that should be uploaded on each one of them. In addition, there are different kind of audiences in each of those platforms, so they have to be careful in how they respond and interact with them. It is a ridiculous amount of work, folks!

Therefore, my advice to all of those new marketers is that they should start with one. Yes, just one because you probably have a website or blog to maintain too. And that one platform should be either Facebook or Twitter, whichever suits their business best. And if you are feeling like becoming a workaholic, use both of them. Then you need to start putting in effort in both of them and growing your audience.

If you manage to handle both of them at once and are thinking of adding another platform like Instagram or Snapchat to the mix because you want something more, but you don’t have a team that is dedicated solely on social media marketing, what to do? Well, in case you accept the fact that it’s a lot of work to manage 3 or 4 social media platforms at once, let me help you by telling you how you can manage all of them… in just one place.

You can manage them all together by using social media dashboards. These can be on your desktop or on the web depending on where you want them to be. They take all of your profiles on major social media networks and bring them in one place so that you have a chance to have a life in addition to your social media marketing.

Here are some of the benefits of social media dashboards that may appeal to you:


The most beneficial thing that social media dashboards have to offer are analytics. Yes, Twitter has its own analytics that you can visit through your profile. Facebook Insights are available for your page too. But what social dashboards do is take all of the analytics whether they are of your Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account and bring them all to you in one place. You don’t have to go to different sites to gauge your performance, you can do it all on the dashboard. The added bonus is that it lets you compare your different accounts in terms of progress report. Or you can see how you are doing in social media marketing on the whole without going into separate accounts. Really it’s all there, just depends on you what you want to see.


It happens to the best of us that we log in to our Twitter account or Facebook account to schedule a few posts, but we get engrossed in the scrolling the feeds, lose hours of our precious time and forget about what we were there to do in the first place.

With social media dashboards, you don’t have to worry about such things. You don’t have to face the risk of being distracted with appealing posts and stuff. You just go in and make a customized post and schedule it on various accounts. For example, you have a blog post scheduled for 8 hours later. You want to post an update on your Facebook and Twitter account regarding that blog post in 8 hours and 1 minute. You can easily do that on social media dashboards in far, far less time than it would take you to go to separate accounts and their scheduling systems and then schedule the post.

3-Listen to Public:

You can actively listen to what your potential customers are saying on the internet about your brand or niche by using social media dashboards. You don’t have to go to separate channels and go through various searches to spot dissatisfied customers. You can just listen to what people are saying on different networks in just one place. It can really help you protect your reputation over the internet.


Facebook and Twitter let you schedule posts but not all of the social media platforms let you do it. Here is where social media dashboards really come into play. With the help these softwares, you can schedule a post, from inside the dashboard, to the network that doesn’t allow you to so normally. Huge benefit, right?

Anyways, these are just common benefits that all of the social media dashboards have in common. As you go deeper into it, you will see that every dashboard is different and it might offer you something more. So keep searching for the right one that will suit you the best.

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