22 New Tips for Social Media Marketers Shared by Instagram

By Posted Oct 14, 2019 in Social Media Marketing/ Instagram Info

Instagram’s influence is constantly on the rise and more and more people are trying to understand how to work with this platform and its algorithm to get the most out of it. In trying to do that, they need all the help they can get in whatever manner they can get it.

So, in this regard, Instagram has decided to help out the marketers once again by sharing new tips in an article called: “A Step-by-Step Guide: Create Photos and Videos to Captivate your Audience on Instagram”.

Table of Contents

Step 1:

The first step according to Instagram is to get creative and capture amazing photos. The company explains that Instagram is where you can showcase everything great about your business’ personality.

Instagram outlines 7 post ideas that you can incorporate in your content strategy.

  1. Show the behind-the-scenes of your business.
  2. Announce new products or services.
  3. Make tutorials.
  4. Celebrate holidays.
  5. Share events.
  6. Get customer testimonials.
  7. Post other marketing materials.

Step 2:

Then, there is step 2 which gives brief but effective information on 4 photography techniques that you can use to give life to the post idea of your choice.

Here are what those techniques are:

  1. The rule of thirds to balance out your shots to make them more appealing.
  2. Using negative space to make the subject of your photo stand out.
  3. Use leading lines in photos because a human eye instinctively follows lines to get to the subject of the photos.
  4. Experiment with light at different times of the day because if you don’t really use natural light, you are missing out on so much potential.

Step 3:

Then, once you’ve got an idea and you’ve captured it with your camera, Instagram goes and mentions 5 editing techniques to get the look you envisioned for your post.

  1. Crop to get your ideal image because sometimes we capture so much extra background space and cropping is the only way to get your subject in proper focus.
  2. Use Lux and enhance. Lux is a feature that looks like a magic wand which lets you highlight, cast shadows, adjust contrast and more.
  3. Use different filters for different moods.
  4. Make your colors pop because it’s what grabs the attention of your audiences.
  5. Make your subject the center of attention. That’s a no brainer.

Step 4:

Then, Instagram goes into detail about making your videos look more professional because photos are not the only type of posts that you upload on Instagram.

In this regard, Instagram shares 6 tips:

  1. Make the right first impression because that will make or break your view count.
  2. Grab people’s attention in the first 5 seconds because research shows that people only focus on a random video for an average of 5 seconds and then lose focus if it’s not interesting enough.
  3. Keep your shots in focus.
  4. Use Instagram’s creative tools to make engaging videos.
  5. Stabilize the shot for a polished look.
  6. Prep your people because rehearsal and script preparation is crucial when you are shooting a video.

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