15 Tips On How to Get the Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

15 Tips On How to Get the Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

15 Tips On How to Get the Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

By Posted Aug 05, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is at the top of the list when it comes to social media marketing. Almost all the business owners around the world who do social media marketing use Facebook to promote their business. Even those with Instagram or Twitter accounts, most of them use Facebook marketing as well.

The basic keys for the success of any social media marketing platform are creativity, content, engagement and consistency. All the business owners who do social media marketing know it. But it does not mean that they also know how to do it. Most of them fumble around a lot which sometimes sets them back in their game.

They don’t know it does not mean that it is difficult. It is not some giant formula that you need to memorize in order to be successful. Instead, it is a mixture of simple and small things which when combined together produce significant results.

So, what are those things? Let’s check them out.

1-Fill Out your About Page:

Your about page matter a lot. Whenever someone sees some interesting page and they want to follow it, they look at the short ‘About’ preview on the left side of the page and more often than not, they go to their ‘About’ page to learn what the page is all about. If your ‘About’ section is not properly filled, it may cause you loss of some potential followers.

Write some short description that will give your potential fans a sense of who you are and what your brand or page is all about. You can even add ‘milestones’ to show of your achievements like when was your brand founded or when you launched some major product.

2-Post Photos and Videos to your Page:

Facebook Videos

Photos and videos are now an essential part of Facebook. They have proven to be more engaging and result deriving than average written update. So fill your page with photo and video posts to make it look interesting.

Be creative and try to convey your whole message by a single photo or video so the followers do not need to read the written description. Make sure that your photos match the optimum size provided by Facebook.

3-Make It a Little personal:

Add a little personal touch to your page. Personal, not in the sense that you start sharing your life’s troubles and feelings with your fans. No. Personal, as in, post some behind the scene photo/video or something like that every now and then. It will make people feel more welcome which will result positively for your business page.

4-Don’t Post Just Photos and Videos:

Photos and videos get more engagement than other posts, true. But if you post just photos and videos, it will make you look less diverse and that is bad when it comes to Facebook algorithm. Your reach may decrease because of this. So, post other type of content like links to articles related to your field of business, offers or polls.

5-Figure Out The Ideal Timing for your Posts:

People all around the world use Facebook at different times according to their region and schedule. So, how to figure out which time will be best to target your desired audience? It is easy. You just take one week trial time and in that time period, post at different hours of the day and then tally your statistics using Facebook Insights (you can access that through the tab at the very top of your page). This will give you an idea about which time gets the most social engagement from your fans.

6-Don’t Post More than once at a time:

If you post more than one post at a time, Facebook algorithm will get confused and it will tell your fans that you posted two (or more) updates but show them only one while hide the other. So, the hidden post might as well be useless. The time difference between your posts should be at least 2 to 3 hours.

7-Enable Inbox Messaging If You Can:

You have the option of letting people message you privately or not. If you can respond to your fans’ messages in a timely fashion, you should definitely enable this option because it will make it easy for your fans to reach you. But if you cannot, make sure that you provide your fans a definite way (email or phone) in which they can contact you and then respond to their queries.

8-Engage With Your Fans:

When people comment on your post, make sure that you respond to them. If it is a compliment, thank them; if it is a negative review or comment, make them see your point of view in a polite manner if they are wrong but if they are right, do not hesitate to apologize. Do not ever, ever, be rude to your fans. It will make you look good in your fans’ eyes if you show some regard to their opinion.

9-Invest In Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ad campaign

Organic reach on Facebook is almost non-existent as of lately. So, if you want to promote your business page on Facebook, you have to invest in Facebook ad campaigns. Otherwise, your business page will go nowhere.

10-Run a Contest From Time to Time:

Run some kind of contest among your fans every now and then. You can hold it on monthly bases and ship a prize to the winner. Yes, it will probably cost you something but it will get you engaging fan as well. Nothing is free in this world. If you want to rise up, you have to pay something for it.

11-Interact with other Facebook Pages:

Like and comment as your page on posts by other Facebook pages. Interacting with other pages may get you some free promotion because that page’s fans will see your comment and it is possible that they find your page interesting as well. It may also be possible that the page you are interacting with mention you in some post as well.

12-Multilingual Posts:

Okay, so this is something most people ignore. If your target audience is internationally based, you need to consider the fact that not all of them understand perfect English. So, you need to have some authentic tool which will let you translate your post in that language and then post both the English and the other language description in the same post to show your fans that you are considerate of their needs. This will go a long way in earning you brand loyalty.

Here is how Tomb Raider 2013 page does it:

Multilingual posts

13-Offer Exclusive Deals:

People want to feel privileged. They need to feel that they are important. So, offer some deals from time to time that are only available to your Facebook fans. It will not only make your fans happy but it may result in an increase in your fans because they want in on that offer too.

14-Be OCD about your Posts:

When you post something in English or any language, make sure that your spellings and grammar are correct. Your every post through Facebook is a reflection of the quality of your business and your professionalism. So, take special care about what you post on Facebook.

15-Link Your content:

Last but not the least, if you own a blog or website, make sure that you link your Facebook content back to that blog/website. It will not only increase traffic to you blog/website but it will also give people a way of reaching you outside of Facebook.


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