10 Free Resources to Learn Social Media Marketing

By Posted Jun 14, 2019 in Social Media Marketing

There was a time when social media marketing was an option. Now, it’s a necessity.

You need to do social media marketing if you want to compete with your rival businesses and brands. But even if you put in the effort and churn out countless posts, it might still not give you the results you want.

You need to understand how social media works before you can expect results. But how can you learn about social media marketing?

Here I’ve gathered a list of resources that you can read online as well as offline. These are some of the best free resources to learn social media marketing fast.


1- Social Media Examiner:

Being one of the top blogs for social media marketing, Social Media Examiner can teach you a great deal. It not only gives you statistics and valuable reports in social media marketing data but also countless game-changing tips for digital marketing. It’s a great blog to follow and subscribe for if you are just beginning to get your feet wet in the social media marketing or even if you are a veteran.

2- Scott Monty:

He is a guru when it comes to marketing. His blog is filled with a post around a number of subjects including social media marketing. He shares his experience in his blog so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did and you learn by observation instead of failing a bunch of times. His ‘this week in digital’ posts are a great way for being up-to-date in all that is happening around the digital world so that you can form an informed social media strategy.

3- Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is one of my favorite bloggers of all time. He has proven himself with his talent time and time again by building companies who had nothing when they contacted him. He knows his stuff and he shares his valuable insights in his blog as well as his webinars that he holds quite often. He is a sea of valuable knowledge in all things related to digital marketing. Do check his blog out if you haven’t already.

4- Buffer Blog:

Buffer not only has an amazing social media dashboard that lets you automate your social media marketing so that you can save your precious time and effort, but it also has a great blog. This blog is for social media marketers and is filled with countless tips and tricks to rise in the social media world. With the help of both its social media management tool and its blog, you can learn and achieve a lot as a social media marketer.

5- LiftLikes Blog:

Here at LiftLikes, you will find an awesome blog which is updated frequently. You will not only find the latest happenings in the social media world but you will also have access to countless tips and tricks if you want to succeed as a social media marketer. Do subscribe to it through your blog feeds so that you can take advantage of all that we have to offer.


E-books can prove to be extremely useful as they are a complete package of knowledge that you can read in your spare time whenever and wherever you want. Here are some of the best free e-books that you can find over the internet if you want to learn social media marketing.

6- How to Attract Customers with Facebook:

Even though Facebook is one of the first social media networks and has been around for over a decade, people still don’t know how to successfully market their businesses on it. The goal of any business who markets themselves on social media is to drive more sales. As the name suggests, this e-book will help you do just that.

7- How to Get More Twitter Followers:

This is an E-book by HubSpot, a renowned name in the social media world. They partnered up with Twitter experts to provide valuable tips for you to increase your Twitter following fast and reliably. And that too without using any bots and software that are a dime a dozen these days. And followers gained through that software are continuously being removed by Twitter itself.

8- How to Use Instagram for Business:

This one is also by HubSpot and they offer quite a lot in it. When and how to post, the practices for using hashtags, comparison of photos, videos and Stories, setting goals and much more. If you want to learn Instagram marketing from one resource, this is your complete guide.

9- The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media:

You will learn a lot about social media and how it works in this one, as you can probably guess by the name itself. What is social media? What are the best practices? Which network will suit your business the most? What are social media metrics and ROI? What is the specialty of each social media network? You can find the answers to all of these questions and more in this free e-book.

10- How to Create High-Quality Videos for Social Media:

This is a point of frustration for many social media marketers out there. Why? It’s a known fact that videos perform best in social media marketing and they are the best way to increase the rate of conversion. That’s all well and good but how to create videos that convert? Find that out in detail in this short ebook so that all your future videos perform well on social media.

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