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YouTube Rolls out Tools to Clean up the Comment Section

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 04, 2016 in YouTube


While YouTube is the most popular place to watch videos with 400 Billion videos uploaded per day and 300 minutes of videos watched every minute, it is also the place where most of the trolls reside who are ready to post negative comments.

The best example that I can think of right now is the ‘You Look Disgusting’ viral YouTube video. If you watch that video, you’ll know exactly what kind of influence negative comments can make on how a person sees themselves and their skills.

So, to bring this comment trolling issue to a minimal rate, YouTube has now announced new tools for video creators so that they can modify their community and make YouTube a less negative space. Some of these tools have been around for a while and some are new. Either way, they will come in handy if used correctly.

Pinned Comments:

Creators can pin a comment to the top of the comment section. This could be used for promoting great contribution from a fan or to share an important announcement, however the occasion calls for it.

Creator Hearts:

Want to encourage fans to put in positive comments? Creator hearts is a great way to do it. Video creators can ‘heart’ the comments that they like and it will show beside the comment for the rest of the video community to see.

Highlighted Creator Username:

Creator username will be highlighted with red color if they make a comment to make it easier for people to know that the comment is coming from you. If your account is verified, the checkmark will also show beside your username.


Comment Moderators:

This feature was launched earlier this year for video creators. Video Creators can choose YouTube users they trust to moderate their comment section. This includes removing or hiding the abusive, inappropriate or spam comments as well.

Backlist Words and Phrases:

This will automatically hold comments with certain words or phrases (chosen by you) for creators’ review and they can decide whether they want to discard them or publish them.

The New BETA Feature:

This new feature will automatically hold comments that YouTube thinks are inappropriate, abusive or spam based on an algorithm. This feature will only activate if the creator decides to opt-in. About this new feature, Youtube said:

“We recognize that the algorithms will not always be accurate: the beta feature may hold some comments you deem fine for approval, or may not catch comments you’d like to hold and remove. When you review comments, the system will take that feedback into account and get better at identifying the types of comments to hold for review.”

Hopefully these features will help make Youtube comment section a better place for everyone.


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