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YouTube Will Remove the Spam-Like In-Video Suggested Links

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 16, 2017 in Social Media News/ YouTube

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Have you noticed those in-video suggestions on YouTube that promote some other video or playlist by the creator of the current video? You must have noticed them at some point or another but have you actually clicked on it? The answer is probably no because even YouTube admits that only 1 out of 20 users actually clicked on those links.

Many of the users who did click on those links were directed to a dead video or stream and because of that it felt like spam. So, those video links were far more detrimental to YouTube user experience than they were worth.

So, as of December 14, 2017, YouTube will remove the ability to put links to playlists, videos or live stream in the video. The company believes that it would not be an issue and will not cause too many problems. According to YouTube, end cards and links prove to be much more useful and people actually click on them.

You can promote your videos or playlists and ask people to subscribe to your channel via your end card. If you wish to promote or give credit to third-party-videos or links, you can do that by putting them in the description of your video.

One major side effect that this change will have is that it will not only remove the future in-video links but it will also remove the in-video links that people put in their videos in the past. Needless to say, it would seem pretty awkward if the YouTuber said that you could find out more by clicking the link above but no actual link supporting that statement.

But from a YouTube audience’s stand point, this will probably be good news. The reason is that you will have a smooth user experience and you will not have to watch YouTubers go out of their way to promote their other videos during their current video.


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