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YouTube Account Verification and Name Verification – Are They Same?

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 15, 2016 in Google+/ Social Media Marketing/ YouTube


YouTube is very popular in all age groups and is not only a social media marketing platform but it is the biggest source of entertainment for its users.

When you are using YouTube and you see a check mark after the name of a YouTube channel then it is a sign that that channel has been verified. But what does a verified YouTube account mean? Here is the answer to this question.

Verification badges help visually confirm the authenticity of a YouTube channel. When you find the badge on a channel for a popular celebrity or business, you can be sure that the channel actually belongs to them. The verification check mark only appears to the right of the channel name, and “Verified” appears in a popup if you point your cursor at it.

Why brands want to get a verified badge?

Brands have a reputation among customers which is the ultimate source of their revenues. This reputation might get hurt due to the activities of some impostor. As a result of these illegal activities brands might lose their fan base. So, in order to safeguard their fan base and reputation, the brands need to get verified badges with their name.

Now let’s have a look on the process which is set to get verified on YouTube.

YouTube verification is of two types. One is the verification of YouTube name and the second type is verification of YouTube account. The concept of both types verification is completely different. In this article you will read about both types and you will get to know how these work.


In the verification of YouTube name, a check mark is placed after the name or title of the YouTube channel. This check mark is the proof that the account belongs to a specific person and it’s official. For example, if you see a check mark after the name of your favorite band’s name on YouTube then it means that this account belongs to the band officially.

Name verification is not awarded to anyone. Large companies and brands are usually eligible for this service only when Google feels that these companies and brands have accomplished the requirements. In order to get the name verification, number of subscribers is not important. The only authority gets to decide whether your name will be verified or not is Google.


As I mentioned before, verification of YouTube has nothing to do with the number of subscribers the brand has. Most established brands and companies are most likely to get verified name.
Following are some requirements mentioned by Google which are considered before verification of any brand or company. As a brand if you fulfill these requirements, you might get verified badge on Youtube.

  • Link your YouTube channel with Google+ page or profile
  • Google+ page must be authorized by your entity, company or brand.
  • If your channel is connected with Google+ then there must be a link of your entity’s website on the Google+ page. It’s important to ensure that the entity’s website (mentioned in the Google+ page) is verified.
  • Your channel has been subscribed by a substantial number of people.

There is no certainty that your channel name will be verified if you have met all these requirements. If you are eligible according to Google only then it can happen. If your brand changes its YouTube channel name then the verification badge will be lost. However, your channel will be automatically reviewed and if qualified then you will receive your verification badge again.


The verification takes place when you create an account on this social website. After creation of your account when you start using the website, you are reminded through a notification over and over again to verify your account by giving your phone number. Once you enter your phone number, you get a text message on your cellular number which contains a verification code. This verification code is then added to the YouTube account.

With this step you are actually proving that you are not an imitator and this account actually belongs to you. Youtube makes sure that your details are in safe hand and these are not being used for any other purpose except verification. With the verification you are entitled with some rights like:

  • You can upload videos on this social media website for entertainment or for the marketing of your brand
  • You can claim copyrights from YouTube
  • You can use custom thumbnails on the website

Verification of name and account helps a brand or an entity to save their image. Furthermore, it brings loyalty and trust of customer with it. As mentioned above, name verification and account verification are two different things. I hope this article will help you to understand the difference in both types.


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