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How to write results-deriving tweets

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 24, 2014 in Twitter Marketing

Why isn’t your business getting more Twitter Followers?

As you know, you’ve got just 140 characters and within that limit you have to be effective. But that limit shouldn’t be a big deal for you if you are creative. It could be tricky to get your focus crosswise over inside that point of confinement, it doesn’t mind getting individuals to really follow up on your tweets, yet with the right methodology and composing successful tweets will come bring some positive results.

Think of the 140-character message you want to tweet

The tweet roll keeps updating in real-time so getting a lot of attention from your visitors is necessary. That is why you should think of a nice message you could tweet that also stays under 140 characters. Here’s an example of this article’s blog entry that needs to be posted over at Twitter, how it should be and how it shouldn’t be:

I’ve summed up some best ways to write effective tweets so that your users are attracted – e.g. lets take “How to write results-driving tweets.”

  • It is too direct
  • Contains too much grammar
  • The voice tone is awkward

That tweet should be like: Guide on how to write effective tweets: http://www.example.com #online-marketing results

You see there’s less grammar in that and most of all the utilization of ‘how to’ lets the readers realize that they are set to study something by perusing the post. The message is effectively conveyed through such type of tweet and the users would definitely click on the link to read the whole stuff. Also, using a hashtag would increase the searches to your tweets. In this example, anyone searching for “online-marketing” would see this tweet in the searched results.

Make sure that you leave a trail to the rest of your information by including a link to your original post. For this, you need to write in a catchy description that attracts your readers to click the attached link. And touching the 140-character limit is not your prime target. Your prime target is to write in a short briefing summary within that limit!

Asking a question


Trying really hard to write attention-grabbing tweets? You must read this out: http://example.com #twitter-marketing

This tweet is viable as it endeavors to distinguish an issue that individuals might have when utilizing Twitter and offers an answer for it. And the line that says “You must read this out” would create an impact on your readers that they should read the rest of the post for better twitter marketing results.

Asking for a review or comments

When you compose and distribute a blog post over the web, you are aware of the fact that the individuals won’t just read it; however, if you write it this way then they will surely take part in the discussion: Step-by-step guide to write effective tweets: http://example.com share? I’d love to hear you!

So, you see you are encouraging your readers to share insightful content with you. And it’s a psychology that people just love sharing their thoughts when there’s already a discussion going on.


When sharing your blog posts on Twitter, do bring timezones and user behavior under your consideration. This practice is fine, inasmuch as there are different tweets offhand to the post originating from you that day!


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