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WhatsApp is Now Offering Snapchat-like Drawings and Stickers

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 10, 2016 in Insatgram/ Snapchat/ social media/ WhatsApp


We’ve all seen over the years how Facebook gets rid of its competition. A few good examples would be Instagram and WhatsApp. But lately, there’s been a rival that Facebook couldn’t get rid off and that rapidly growing platform is Snapchat. But there are things in motion already that are designed to nullify Snapchat’s growth.

Last month, Instagram (owned by Facebook) introduced a feature called ‘Stories’, which is essentially the same as Snapchat Stories both in looks and functionality. Now, over a 100 million Instagram users utilize this feature everyday, which is really close to Snapchat’s 150 million daily active users. This shows that despite Instagram copying Snapchat features, people still prefer it if it offers the same thing as Snapchat.

Now, it seems that WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook) is trying to achieve the same thing, as reported by TheNextWeb. In the latest beta version of the app, there are features that are like Snapchat both in looks and function. These new features let you draw on your images and put Emojis on it to make it more interesting – like Snapchat. If you want to see just how much similar these features are to Snapchat, just have a look at the images below.

This one’s WhatsApp:


And this one’s Snapchat:


Even the Emojis WhatsApp is offering are the same as Snapchat:


There are other new features as well like front-flash, which is like Apple’s retina flash. The whole screen turns white when you take a selfie in order to provide better lighting in the night-time settings. There is also one-finger zoom, which was made available on Instagram last month too.

With the division of Snapchat like features over the apps that people use and love, Facebook is trying to eradicate people’s needs to go over to Snapchat. Yes, Facebook is copying Snapchat features but all is fair in love and war, right?


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