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Now You Can Watch WhatsApp Videos Before They Finish Downloading

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 24, 2016 in Social Media News/ WhatsApp


Does waiting for your videos on WhatsApp to download first, before you are able to watch it, ever annoyed you? If yes, you are with me and countless other WhatsApp users on this one. Sometimes the download stops and you have to ‘retry’ and the whole process starts all over again from 0%!

The company has apparently decided to take the videos a step further and make the whole waiting process less annoying. Now, it’s rolling out a feature that will let you watch your WhatsApp videos without waiting for them to finish being downloaded.

The feature works something like this: If you have set your WhatsApp option to automatically download media as it arrives, your video will automatically start downloading and you will see a progress bar. But now with the latest feature, you will be able to watch the video as it is being downloaded.

However, if you don’t have the option set to automatically download media, you can still watch that video but it will not be downloaded unless you press the download button.

Updates have always been few and far between when it comes to WhatsApp as compared to other social media platforms. But now, for the past few months, this trend seems to be changing a little. With the addition of video chat and now this feature, WhatsApp is really bringing itself forward and more user friendly.


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