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Video Posts Have the Most Organic Reach On Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 16, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News

5 Tips for Increasing Organic Reach On Facebook

We all know that visual posts leave a better impact on our followers than written articles. But while previously, photo posts were encouraged on Facebook, now those days are over. Social media networks are really focusing on video marketing instead.

Twitter has introduced Twitter videos and may probably announce Periscope (a live streaming video app) soon too. We can see a lot of hype about video marketing on Facebook as well. In fact, a recent study by SocialBakers shows just how much important video posts are on Facebook.

It is a discouraging fact that organic reach on Facebook has gone downhill so much that now it is almost on the base. Business brands that hope for reaching their followers without paid advertisement are delusional. But with that said, there are certain types of posts which have more chance of showing up in their followers’ news feed and videos are at the most prominent.

SocialBakers studies 670,000 Facebook posts from 4,445 brand pages and the research showed that the video posts had an organic reach of 8.71 percent, which means nearly nine out of 100 fans saw the posts. By comparison, posts with links had an organic reach of 5.29 percent, text posts had 5.77 percent reach, and photos brought up the rear with only 3.73 percent organic reach.

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Keeping all that in mind, you can follow a few tips to give your organic reach on Facebook a little boost. For example,

  • On Facebook, quantity of your posts makes a huge difference in making to the news feed. If you post infrequently, you have to change that in order to get noticed. Make a schedule while considering two things:
    1. Number of posts per day
    2. Timing of the posts
  • Timing does matter. You don’t want to make several posts at a time because your followers are from all over the world with different time zones. Some are available at one time while some are online at other, so decide carefully. Once you make a plan, you better stick to it.
  • As the research showed, videos are the way to go. But interesting infographics will not disappoint you either and they will keep things interesting.
  • People are more likely to comment on a post if they are asked a question. They like to interact in this way. Use this to your advantage.
  • Keep your people entertained by posting some personal experiences and happenings. But in doing so, keep in mind that your posts should be relative to your page topic.
  • Keep in mind that what you post should be based upon what your followers would like to see. Get yourself on their level and think what would interest you more. By doing this, you’ll get an idea as to what would get more popularity among your followers. Remember, people won’t care about your posts and move on unless you give them a reason to do otherwise.


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